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Generation 20 Difficulty

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Hey guys, just a quick question on the difficulty of G20. I am halfway into G20 and I can tell that it is much harder than G19 on basic (even though the wiki says G20 is fixed at basic). Should I wait until I am higher leveled before attempting G20? I am currently ttl90 using close combat.


  • TolnaTolna
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    edited February 18, 2018
    The final is absolutely brutal but there's a noteable fight against a new type of Girgashiy thing that looks like an angel human...thing. It’s unstunable and loves to Snapcast Thunder and fireballs that hit around 2,000 on me in full Royal Knight gear and total level 3,000 at the time.

    It you have demigod and Wings of Eclipse, a mace or blunt weapon to smash the weird angel thing, and a maybe crisis escape, you should be okay but it will be pretty rough. I recommend doing the other gens first if you haven’t yet.
  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    You can give it a try and if you get can always continue where you left off.
  • LeiliciaLeilicia
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    Im 4 days late but -- at the final boss, Talvish will heal you an unlimited? amount of times. Don't forget to use that--