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[Husky] Recruiting! CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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edited July 1, 2018 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello and welcome!
We at Husky are looking for Nice and Friendly people to come and join us on a wonderful Mabinogi experience!
We strive at keeping our guild friendly for everyone & always work on helping everyones needs whenever possible.

What you'll get when you join Husky.
A very warm welcome to the guild.
Help with GM missions
Shadow Missions
Generation Quests
Boss Spawns
Hunting(Pages, Monsters ect.)

We also look forward to hosting some:
Commerce Runs
Musical Jams
Mabinogi Mafia Minigame
Festia Minigames
Girgashy Raids

If you'd prefer to just chill and talk with some friendly guild members that is also fine.
We have a Discord channel that you will get an invite to once you've joined the guild.

We do not tolerate toxic people. If you're intentions are to harm other people
and disrespect them please look the other way. We're only looking for friendly people!
Being nice doesn't take a lot of effort.

Any further questions you can message me below or add me in game.