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G21 Final Guide (Spoilers)

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If you're having trouble with Talvish (you read the title, don't complain about spoilers in the first paragraph), here's a copy of my strategy guide that I made on this video . This is to prove this fight is not totally unfair, and can be done if you focus and play smart, not barbaric.

There are a few ability combinations that are almost impossible to avoid. Life Drain and Brionac really help.

>>>Do not use CTRL + N to hide names, you need to see Talvish's speech bubbles to anticipate two of his major attacks.<<<

Talvish has built in resistances to popular skills, such as:
Final Hit - 20% damage taken
Bash - 20% damage taken
Chain Impale - 20% damage taken
Firebolt - Again, 20% damage taken.

Talvish also prevents you from summoning any pets/partners, so don't plan on using them.

Onto his attacks.
Judgment Blade Wave/Red Wind
- He will say "I am sorry..." before using this attack.
- Use Shield of Trust just as all the blades begin to fall down, using it too early could get you killed.

Celestial Spike/"THE PROPHECY"
- This is the skill that will make or break your run: it can disable your crusader skills for a full minute, which can make you vulnerable to Red Wind.
- Load Judgment Blade the MOMENT you see him say "I will show you proof of the prophecy" and strike him with it when he rises up. You must have the skill loaded before he ascends into the air, otherwise you won't be able to hit him in time.
- Option B if you feel like you don't have time is to Windmill him. Note that this may not work some of the time. Also, he may try to repeat the skill immediately afterwards. Just spam WM until he stops in that case.

Scythe Attack

- You'll know he's using this when he raises his hand, and you will hear the meditation activation sound play.
- Until 80% HP, he will always aim at where you were standing when the animation starts. Just walk behind him. - Past 80% HP, he may aim either at you, in front of him, or somewhere completely random. Stand in front of him and walk behind him when the animation starts.
- I'd advise holding a shield and using defense, it reduces the damage by a large margin if you screw up.

Ice Spear

- It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it can give Talvish time to use other skills, such as his Celestial Spike.
- You can pull out a shield and use defense, or windmill him. Note that if you do WM him, he may just immediately recast it (you won't have time to reload WM again for it). Pick your favorite.

Lightning Rod

- It charges too quickly to reliably react to, but he usually only uses it after moving around (at a tangential angle). You should be fine, I've never been hit by this.

Rage Impact

- You don't really need to worry about dodging this one; it's just annoying. Though he does sometimes load ice spear afterwards, in which case the only thing to do is shield + defense, since you'll be stunned for too long to use WM in time.


- He starts using this around 60% HP. You can't really predict it, but it's best to try to avoid the center of his hitbox. You'll just have to heal this one off.

Now let's talk about dealing damage.
The first thing you want to do is use Brionac to shave off his massive protection pool. ~20-30 hits with an awakened Brionac should be enough. Final Hit, while it doesn't give you a damage increase, does increase your attack speed and prevents you from being stunned by Heavy Stander (ping). If you don't have Final Hit, that's fine; just use normal attacks.

You'll want to focus on quick burst damage, so skills like Smash are a popular choice. Look for an opening to attack without leaving yourself vulnerable. You can use normal attacks to do a bit of damage during Talvish's idle periods, as the recovery time (the time it takes for you to be able to move again) is minimal.

Ideal times to use burst damage:
- When you successfully get behind him after he uses the Scythe attack
- Immediately after Talvish finishes the Judgment Blade wave (spam click after you use Shield of Trust to hit him the moment his invulnerability frames wear off.)
- When Talvish uses Lightning Rod in some random direction

When you get to 80% HP, you gain Nascent Divinity. For me, using Nascent Divinity would've made the fight a cakewalk, since I already knew how to handle it from using it on my main character. However, first-time users will probably have trouble dealing with the awkward camera angle and unfamiliar skills. Because of that, it would be a better idea to immediately detrans and use whatever attacks you were using earlier.

As for healing, you can bring lots of potions, or you can use one of my favorite skills: Life Drain. Rank 8 Life Drain would be the recommended rank, however I believe I used Rank A in my video. Talvish's attacks don't appear to cause wounds (at least his Scythe attack doesn't), so that's a big plus.

As mentioned in the attacks section, a shield can be quite useful. You can equip one with your cylinder if you decide to go that route, and it provides excellent defense against Talvish's attacks. I would use the strongest shield you have, which means no guard cylinders. Giants have it easy with the omega Vales Shield, which, when loaded with defense, reduces most damage to ONE. Humans can use a Kite Shield, Demonic Fear Shield, or any other medium shield of choice. The key thing to remember is to use the defense skill. Even though it appears to not activate, it will reduce most damage by 70% if you're using a medium shield, and 100% if you're using a large shield. On top of that, his Ice Spear can't freeze you.
Talvish's Red Wind doesn't care for your shield, it'll 1-hit K.O. you regardless.

That should be just about everything. Show Talvish who the boss is.


  • XypixXypix
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    I made a BIG update to the guide, hopefully this should help some more people out.
    Have fun!