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  • i'm 7k and this mission makes me feel like whatever I try does nothing to it. it's increasingly frustrating especially after trying everything you all suggest
  • I'm a human with 500 Strength, 900 Int, 400 Dex at lvl 81. I don't spend a lot of time working with reforges or anything since I'm usually either too lazy or confused to work with them. I'm currently a grandmaster mage so should I go with my magic?
  • I've tried but not being great at either bows or chainblade I've come to a bit of a stand still my pets that can be resummoned are the Balloon Hat Horse and Storm Nimbus. I have a 4cc Celtic wand and like you it never did squat. I'll try mixing in t…
  • I can't seem to deal any lasting damage and since I'm usually a pure mage I can't seem to get anywhere. I tried using dual wielded sword and combining final hit, battle overture, and way of the gun after 20 minutes i couldn't get past the 5% mark w…
  • I think i'm having a similar issue with the game. I seem to lag everywhere when i'm not in a dungeon or shadowmission. I'll just walk for a bit before it jumps every few seconds and it's very irritating since I just got my drivers updated and cleane…