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  • I'd like to see all the skin-tones humans and giants have opened up to elves as well. I do like my in game avatar to match me a lil bit and while I am not super dark skinned here in rl, I am darker than what options the elves have for skin-tone choi…
  • Lullaby + anything works pretty good too, and doesn't have the long cooldown of dance of death. Though you can also use encore to knock the cooldown off dance of death every couple minutes too.
  • Yeah, it probably is common sense at this point in the game. But you'd be surprised or maybe not at how many people can forget their common sense. xP
  • Try holding down alt too. You can spot the cultists through walls/buildings.
  • Hehe, I still have a couple old chars that still have their Eiry. Those chars were mainly used as mules though, so not much really to them. If I recall the quest to remove Eiry from your possession was at lvl 26 back in the g1 days. Dunno if it got …
  • I managed to clear it on day 1 too. My runs looked a lot like Policroma's video. towards the end of this chore of an event. Though maybe not as clean as theirs, except on my less laggy runs. Anyways, for those still working on this, just focus on…
  • Getting there, working on the last big set of 9 now. Basic attack is the way to go. I don't even bother with magic, so if I get that set the skill bar doesn't mean a thing. If I get the chain skill set, then yeah the occasional chain sweep or spinni…
  • Lots of multi-aggro.... and a weak npc to protect. Ok, fine. Doable with the right set of skills, but oh wait we get poor skills and the skill bar is setup different every time, and of course there is no time before the wolves begin to attack to stu…