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  • IGN:Kim Discord: Kima#6816 Type of Commission: Colored Character ref: Expression: Happy and Smiling Any important notes:I hope its not too much,but I hope the hairpin can be included
  • CATEGORY:Fairytale IGN:Kim LOCATION:Avalon(Forgotten Shore/Unicorn Area) ITEMS WORN:Cherry Blossom Wig and Hair Piece(F),Chang`e Winged Clothes,Whimsical Cherry Blossom Tail, Flowery Festival Strap(F),Imperial Commander Shoes,White Floral Fair…
  • If anyone else has any other ideas for events that may be better feel free to say
  • You only need to survive,I would recommend mana shield and pop a lot of mp pots,along with demi/trans if you feel like you cant survive.
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Would it be only NPC shop clothing or can include ones from drops as well? I think only NPC shop clothing would be better,but if the clothing that drops is also in the NPC shop then I would accept it as well.
  • Nao has definitely died down from the hype of the server merge/name changes. The activity is like almost the same before merge announcement.
  • I feel bad for anyone who lives in the Bahamas,to get struck by a Cat 5/4 Hurricane is devastating.
  • Also if your job is still making you go to work hours before the storm,please just call out sick or tell them you are not going out to risk your life(Unless you are emergency personal). I hate to hear that people decided to go to work and then when …
  • I used to be in guilds before the merge,but nowadays I prefer to stay guildless. I hate the rule where as "if you are inactive for this amount of days you get kicked".I would rather chat with random people I meet in SMs than be in a guild.
    in Guilds Comment by Yummei August 25, 2019
  • Alynnia wrote: » Hope my OC interests you~ c: Character Tried something new,but I hate the eyes,probably wouldnt do it again Also I know I drew the stripes on the leggings/socks,I DONT KNOW HOW THEY DISAPPEARED…
  • Mizuko wrote: » Nice heavy rain animation and character. One minor edit is to fix her ballet flats more like this: Nevertheless, thanks for the freebie. Ahh ok,I wont be able to change the animated one ,but I hope the …
  • Mizuko wrote: » Here is my OC if this interest you. If you are doing animation, can you add heavy rain animation? Here you go! Animated:- Non-Animated:-
  • Pheo wrote: » tysm Yummei, I'll definitely take you up on that offer! here is another WIP~ (lineart takes so long ^^;.) I'll work more on it soon! ^_^ It looks amazing,take your time! I agree lineart always take the longest >.< especi…
  • Marielx wrote: » Good luck on your freebies, here is my character. Feel free to do anything, but if you need an idea and pick my character, tell me, thanks for the chance. I feel like I see you in most of my freebie threads and I never got…
  • Pheo wrote: » A quick sketch WIP~ Will work more on this one soon! ♥ Thank you everyone for being so kind! I'll add you all on mabi soon ^^! That looks so cute ;u; Thank you drawing my character!Im not on mabinogi a lot,but if you ever ca…
  • Pheo wrote: » Also @Yummei Hey there! I'll definitely join that discord ^^ I'm sure it'll help! I remember playing Tera Online forrrrever ago too! haha. I don't think I'll go back to Tera, my computer is too potato-ey for that game xD. I can't wai…
  • I`m not sure if you are in this discord yet,but Mabinogi has a discord if you are interested in finding new friends. Everyone is pretty helpful and kind if you need any questions answered or tips! Also I also stop pla…
  • The maintenance page says that we have to re-register our main character again,but how do we do that when it doesnt let you???
  • 1.Attack on Titan(Tera was lucky to get a crossover from this,I hope nexon does this as well) 2.Fairy Tail 3.Food Wars!Shokugeki no Soma
  • Here is my character if she interests you