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  • I forget to add my IGN of IXRuairi.
  • Congrates on the merge mabinogi team it must been hard work anyways again congrates and lets mabinogi be avaliable for all time if possible. If you ever need finicial backing please let me know.
  • I've been playing for a long time forget which year I official started probley like some were late 2008. Which would be when you had to pay for generation content and they allow you to skip generations if you wanted to which feels like a long time …
  • Ya I'm hype for Generation 21 but not finished with Generation 20 been stuck on finding castweyn quest for weeks I hope they make that quest a bit more easier than it is currently.
  • This is why I buy the karma koins cards so I'm not sure what the issue is with debit or credit cards options at the moment but good luck to players using other forms of payment.
  • Hi like everyone else has been saying I would say events would help make good amount of gold or you can try doing shadow missions or dungeons to start out if you have any questions my IGN is IXRuairi of the Mari server.
  • I found maybe install it on your desktop under a folder might help if it not in the program files x86 files Not sure if that helpful but sometimes that helps for installing stuff on windows.
  • Hi Isumo I would recommend the guild called Densetsu on Mari, which I'm currently in it a guild that social and friendly if you and your girlfriend are interested. Anyways if I'm on you could add me as a friend if you want IGN:IXRuairi hope to see …