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November 17, 1997
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  • @Kirara01 - Sorry, too lazy to color I hope it's still good!
  • @Harukari I'm kidding about the gold, but if you reallyyyyy want to send 1 gold over, then I can't stop you haha. And Yes I'm still doing these, but I'm just working at turtle speeds because I also work 10 hours a day. :c @Axelrod Yes! I also lov…
  • Freebies are now 1 gold. Pay up >:C @KawaiiEvee Outline:
  • Nyaa wrote: » Awesome, that would be great, thank you so much! ; u ; I'm so glad you're having a fun time drawing her. It would be lovely to get both versions if you don't mind. Ooh okay! I will have to see if I'll be able to grab something whe…
  • Nyaa wrote: » Ooh wow I absolutely adore that! Jeez, the way you've drawn her face, the expression, and the pose are all so great ; u ; And the feet are like that yes! They're maybe a bit too big but otherwise they're perfect. Do you plan on worki…
  • MissFortune wrote: » What server are you on? I'd totally commission you if possible. Yay thank you! I am on Alexina
  • Weeeeee finished two finals, two more to go. Posting WIPs because procrastinating again. Kirara01 - Did anyone ever set ants on fire with a magnifying glass? @Nyaa - Are those how her feet are supposed to be? I wasn't sure ahah. During my …
  • Marielx wrote: » I already got a free drawing recently, so good luck whoever gets chosen! Marielx wrote: » Nice drawings. Thank you! You can still drop off a ref if you'd like. Ideally I'd like to get through as many people as possible when …
  • MissFortune wrote: » Oh this is soooooo beautiful! Would you mind if I color it? Aww thank you! I don't mind; you can do whatever you want with it honestly ahah. You can get rid of my ugly sig in the corner, but just leave my initials there p…
  • @MissFortune Done!
  • Ahhh so many pretty people to draw! @kitteykat74 Here you go!
  • Aava wrote: » If you are interested! Sorry for the big old jumbo mess of references:
  • @RavenQueenSas - You can add more pics if you'd like to but you don't have to! !! I love your art even more now.. this is so perfect. Thank you again for drawing her! No problem!! She was really fun to draw
  • @Imaizumi - I just had to draw that bun butt @Axelrod - That GIF is perfect LOL @MediaKlepto - Neat!! I can't seem to get my character to pull off an outfit unless if it's white/pink or sometimes black/yellow haha.…
  • @Greta - Here you go!! @MediaKlepto - Ahhhh that looks awesome and I'm glad you like it! c: I'm loving the yellow background with her purple dress (my two favorite colors haha). Also, you can always ask the pic to b…
  • @MediaKlepto I hope you like it!
  • @Neyna I really wanted to do a holding hand pose but I cannot for the life of me figure out the right positions right now. Here's a WIP for now WIP: @Erydanos Oh thank you! I appreciate the feedback! I'm actually ju…
  • Ohhh! Welcome back, looking forward to seeing your artwork again owo/ Thank you! Glad to be back and see more awesome artists. c: @Hindsight Oh that's really gorgeous! Thank you so much ! Glad you like it! c: I just had to come here to say... I …
  • Here's my character if you'd like to do her! For MissFortune: