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  • Check out Mocha!

    Kaaros wrote: »
    Honestly I was skeptical at first, but you had me at Cats. Yes, that's seriously what swayed me. Honestly I'm a returning player that's been around since the game started, but my account was hacked, followed by nearly a decade long hiatus, a return which involved getting back into my old guild, followed by another hiatus due to unfortunate events, and then having to leave aforementioned old guild due to the Server Merge and needing to fix my name so it didn't have +Tarlach in it, and then them not letting me back in for reasons unknown.

    Or the short version. I got back into the game last month, have been fairly active, and am looking for a Guild full of people to hang out and chat with. (Character name is Garaad. I WAS Kaaros on the old account. I also didn't think my choice through when picking my Forum Name and can't change it.)

    Hi!! We would be more than happy to have you in Honeydew! Feel free to apply or contact me in game with any questions or concerns! My IGN is Katibean :)
  • Check out Mocha!

    Hello. Unfortunately, I am unable to delete this post so I shall edit it. I no longer have connections with the guild that was here and we have decided to move on. Some Honeydew members have broken off into other guilds. I recommend checking out Mocha, a guild run by two previous Honeydew members.

    Thank you, and we appreciate the support for Honeydew while it existed.
  • ⚡{OPEN} Electrolytes Guild⚡

    Now being an ex-member, I still hold many electrolytes members dear to me. There are some good people with good hearts in the guild.