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  • The Beautiful Lights for the Night Event

    They really should clarify that 5 times each in-game too.
  • Halloween Rock Paper Scissors Event

    This event is way too confusing. Who thought this was a good idea???
    Also....5 hours per day to get max plays? Seriously?.... Some people have lives.
    Events should not be confusing chores...right??
    CrimsọnRadiant DawnBronzebreak
  • Staff won't reforge!

    Just to be clear, you are not using an NPC reforge to reforge it, correct? You must use fine, credne's, and so on
  • Quality of Life Update

    EvilJinn wrote: »
    Stackability, auto-crafting increase and inventory expansions! Thank you! I hope it does not end with just the mentioned items having stack increases. There are still plenty more items that do not stack that could or only stack from 5-20. Some of those items being Girg mats, passes, empty bottles, bottled water, magic powder, small green red blue silver gems and potions. Even gems of the same cm could stack. I can finally make use of the Summer Plan Event to work on danning more of my crafting skills. <3

    **Edited to add more items that could be stacked**

    Empty bottles/bottled anything are equips, so I don't think they will ever stack. They are simply not a good stacking choice.
    Also, gems of the same cm stacking would be rather difficult since there are so many cm amounts since they go 2 decimal places in. Checking and coding would be a nightmare.

    The other stacks, I totally agree with. Especially those dang small gems and magic powder!
  • What can I do against a grifer?

    Daft wrote: »
    Someone keeps coming to the reservation when I'm there and use the monsters there to kill me when I try to collect nodes.
    When I confronted that person about it and ask them to stop, the replay I got was a clear no.
    Is there something I can do about it?

    Since you do not own that grinding spot, the answer is no.
    You could try channel changing but that is about it.
    I don't think this counts as a griefer though. Other people need to do things too.