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I love hot cheetos
  • Sunflowers in Summer Screenshot Contest


    ign: Tiki
    server: Nao
  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Tiki
    Server: Nao
    Last Minute at SAO Event
    Clink, clink. I shifted my armor gently as small metallic pieces started to fall onto the stone cold floor. Sweat glistened on my temple as I took my two chipped blades out from my straps and stared at them. My arms felt like jelly under their weight.

    “Just one more run before I return to town,” I sigh quietly. This was taking longer than I thought.

    My eyes grew heavy with exhaustion as I took out the Zone 4 dungeon pass and offered it to the Goddess statue. It disintegrated and in a blink, the Goddess statue stood on a different pedestal. I made it inside. I prayed before the Goddess before gripping my swords and ran down the tunnel.

    “I’d like both ALO coupons and Lisbeth Boots please!” I shouted as I shove a bunch of map tickets to the Exchange Administrator.

    “You don’t have enough for all three,” he said.

    “What? No…” I counted the tickets myself. “...420.”

    Crap. I had miscalculated thinking I needed 60 for each coupon, but that was a Zone 5 reward. They were 100 each. Then an announcement was made across Erinn.

    “Dear Milletiens, please return home in 600 seconds as the realm upkeep its balance.”

    I collapsed to my knees, devastated. No way I can get the rest in 600 seconds. The SAO gang are leaving after the upkeep!

    “Jeez, you look terrible,” said a voice.

    I turn around to see Hino standing behind me. I teared up and blabbled, “H-Hino!! I’ve been so busy I--” He cut me short as he tossed a pair of boots onto my lap.

    “I thought they’d look cute on you,” he grinned. “Get what you need and let’s return before we get swept up in the upkeep.”

    I’ve never felt so blessed.
  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    ign: Tiki
    Server: Nao

  • 11th Anniversary Thank You Card SUBMISSION

    ign: Hinamiki
    Server: Ruairi

    There were too many people that I am thankful for. My guildmates, my mabi fam, friends and families that joined me on mabi...I decided to just thank all my friends and family who came and went their separate paths. It was such a wonderful experience meeting and socializing with them. Doing the gens together and struggling to do hardmode missions at the beginning. Playing and growing together was the best. Thanks for joining me in my adventures even if you have gone your separate ways. I'm not the best at these art stuff but I wanted to show them thanks anyways. Shout out to my old guilds of Creme, Prime, Blackregalia, Indimittable, and Insane. You guys are the best!
  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    The Midsummer Box with the Colorful Ribbons. Haven't seen those in eons. They were a really nice change from robes and wings but there doesn't seem to be enough around anymore.