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  • KR contents details

    You're just looking in the wrong places.
  • Is Mabinogi Dead/ Quickly Dying?

    Liberate wrote: »
    They've just released chain whips in Korea test and it will soon release along with G21 story content.
    Like as was said above, KR just got a new chain whip talent. When we'll get it is unknown, though a lot of people are holding out on a global release for all servers.

    Erm....the new chainslash talent has been out of testing and live on KR's servers since July 20th...

    For reference, people were hoping for a global release because they showed "Aug. 20/21" as a large ominous date in the Korean conference video, which coincides with the last two weeks of the Master Plan event. Which are "coming soon".

  • 100 point mission event box

    Vimi wrote: »
    I've been spending all my points in the boxes, and all I've gotten is 2 male wigs...

    At least you're getting wigs.
    I've gotten nothing but skill training seals and upgrade stones.
  • GM Carpenter

    Kokoro wrote: »
    I feel that Radiant [Tough] Strings used to be uncommon drops until suddenly they became rarer than Hebona Robes.

    Rest in Peace crafted HLBs and Arbalests.

    I used to have quite a few of them, way back when. My old Guild used to run AHM dungeons a lot looking for patron pieces/hebonas.

    I think I just dropped them, since I couldn't find a single buyer.

    Oh, how innocent I was.
  • Mabi chat censor FAIL

    nomigid15 wrote: »
    Twinkie: First 5 letters are a slur against gays.

    Swap: Last 3 letters are a slur against Italians.

    Bloody: Curse word in British slang.

    If you're using ...that twinkie word as a slur, you're not using it right. Just throwing that out there.

    What the heck is going on in Italy?

    >Won't host EU servers
    >Still bans their curse words