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January 24, 1996
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I want Talvish icon.
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I played Mabi because I wanted to play a MMORPG that I would like and I've gotten into playing Mabinogi. Stayed to play because I made friends and most still play and I couldn't get myself to quit the game. Fond memories of playing this game even when there's some rocky roads.
    Here have a meme.

  • [DAY 4]Mabi AX 2018 + AX Code Giveaway Prizes(2)~!

    I was there for all 4 days and it was a fun experience! The booth should have been bigger and some days had only 2 of the staff members working there because the others have to stay at headquarters for work so I sometimes drop by to try helping a little but I can't do much because I am not part of staff. I unfortunately didn't get Lorna keychain from day 1 because I wasn't fast enough but I got all the other 3 keychains.
    On day 3 we had the Mabi meetup. The booth was heavily crowded for the cosplay so they had to move the meet up in a different location. The meet up is precious, everyone is sweet and we had fun with our introduction in the icebreaker. After the icebreaker we separate into 3 teams for a game. Originally the team setup was going to be based on servers and the smaller "4th" team would have to "server merge" with another team (lol on the server merge joke). In our teams we have to come up with 5 questions to challenge the other team and earn points. The harder the question the more likely your team will earn more points and win. After the game was done we write our IGNs on a paper for a prize in participating. The winning team has their IGNs written on a different paper to get a special prize.
    Day 4 was crowded at the booth because the booth was also for the Lilypichu and Aria signing so we had the raffle at 12 PM instead of the usual 2 PM, we only had 1 raffling that day too.
    Overall I had fun with meeting everyone there. I didn't won anything for the first 3 days but won a Mari Acrylic stand on the last day! One day I will get the acrylic stand I do want, just you wait! (I really wanted Talvish which I didn't won on first day *Cries*)
    I hope to see Mabinogi Nexon again next year at Anime Expo!
  • Halloween Event HS props

    Sherri wrote: »

    We just placed them right under the ladder area. ^^
    Hope this helps!
    Answering for my friend because they are unable to reach a pc. They tried to put the tile under the ladder, it didn't work. It gives a message saying there's an object there. Tried to put tile first then ladder, same thing. Tried to put the treehouse after tile and then ladder, nothing. They can't figure out how it works.