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  • Private Academy Box

    Omg i did the gacha. 45 gachas. Literally the best thing i got was 2 lucky red stones. This is by far the worst gacha i've ever done. Jesus christ, im upset right now but ill get over it, just wow tho, horrible rates. Step up ur game nexon zzz
  • @Nexon, it's time to stop.

    Well uh, i can understand the salt...and i understand the wanting to come to forums to complain cuz a lot of us experienced what ur dealing with, all i can say tho is....nexowned. :C RNG sucks gurl~
  • Gender Bent Clothing

    Obviously there just needs to be more heel options for men. I love me a cute dress and all, but i die for heels! <3
  • Gender Bent Clothing

    I agree with this. I want to be able to look cutesy and girly, but at the same time I really love my more masculine looks as well. The freedom of being able to switch from such extremes with a swap of a few clothes is great, and I could never get that with being a female character. I was ALWAYS stuck looking cutesy, and ultimately I felt my character looked sort of ugly after a while. Due to the lack of gold I couldn't afford the things I really wanted for a female character because of how expensive it all was, so crossdressing was pretty fun. Besides, as some people seem to dislike it, I really like how the masculinity of a male character shows through the feminine clothing, yet still seeming to blend naturally, and not extremely forced. :3

    Geez u so get it! I'm rly hoping more clothes comes out like this. Preferably more heels because i can't get over a nice pair of heels. I feel like these looks are like the sisters from FMA but cuter.

  • Gender Bent Clothing

    I'm so glad they released clothing that was originally for females for males as well. For example the starlet boots. DO U KNOW HOW EXCITING IT IS TO RUN AROUND IN HEELS AS A MALE GIANT? I feel sickening!

    I honestly hope more stuff like this comes out. I think it's so fun to be able to wear girly stuff.