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  • whats in the Revenant/Perseus weapon boxes

    Alshian wrote: »
    We all know a wooden stick is the all powerful weapon.

    I thought bare fists were.

    That's where you thought wrong. The best weapons are bottles.
  • How do you increase your base protection?

    Armor. Since no stat in the game adds to your protection like other defensive stats, armor is really about the only way to do it. Borrow something from someone who trusts you if your equipment isn't good enough enough for whatever reason.
  • So... It's Been A While Since I've Played

    Hey, so as of gen 22, a sort of log book came to be that keeps track of all your generation progress (except for my generation 1 progress?). The Sagas are considered gen 5 by that log book; so if you go to it and select veneration 5: The Sagas, you can choose from the saga episodes from there.

    Said log book is it's own menu on the list of menus you can open at the bottom of your screen.

    Edit: Before I forget, welcome back!
  • Homestead Life Skill Update tips?

    Here's an extra tip: In all of your life skill rooms, don't decorate them!!! Place the max amount of grape buckets so that you can get the largest possible multiplier on your research.

    I personally hate that they did this, cause I kinda wanted to customize my rooms to my liking but I also want to get research done!!!

    A hopefully equally helpful tip for everyone! All the decorations short of your wall paper from the gacha add a huge amount to your research points multiplier. the bed gives 1600 points, the vanity gives 1800, the little house Nao/Mari/Rauari/etc figures give a whopping 2k points to your Inspiration index beceause they're more valuable furnishings.

    So if anyone went to the extent to beautify your room by using the gacha or buying stuff from the gacha off the AH; Making a research brownie your roomie will drastically boost your research values because of the deluxe furnishings. between a bed, vanity, wardrobe, figurine, and a picture frame, I'm getting a 2.15 multiplier to my research.

    In other news, if you can afford the multi mils that it costs to buy all these, look to getting a wallpaper, and maybe the green bed. if you use a wallpaper, it's available in all your rooms and supposedly increases the amount of furnishings you can add in. The green bed should just be over all cheaper because its a bonus prize for gacha users guaranteed at a certain number of opens. So there's more supply for the demand.