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  • Eveemon's Art Shop [PP/Gold]

    Hey everyone, haven't been here in a long while!
    Gonna be selling some Chibi art til the end up September.

    IGN: Eveemon
    Discord: Evee #2092

    Other game art
    Males (willing to do but it'll be more experimental)


    Colored Chibi - $20 USD/15m
    Recent commissions:

    Extra information/rules:
    ♪ Commission approved -> Sketch for approval -> Payment -> Finished piece over time.
    ♪ Payment is due after approved heavily watermarked sketch, I will then continue onto lining once payment is received.
    ♪ Please do not rush me, I don't draw 24/7 and have other things to do in life.
    ♪ I have the right to refuse a requested commission.
    ♪ Will open only 2 slots at once to not overwork myself, 1 slot will be PayPal only and 1 slot will be Gold only. (or both PayPal)

    Fill out below form:

    IGN (or Discord is optional):
    References: (clear front and back)
    Pose reference: (optional)
    Payment: (gold/pp)

    PP Slot(s):

    Gold Slot:
    1. Snowie

    IGN (CURRENT): Hinata584

    What made you choose the name when you started?
    For one, I hate and regret my name. This was my first real game and mmo, so when I put my name I thought I could change it later (which obv I couldn't.) Back in 2008 I was a Naruto weeb and named myself Hinata then pressed random numbers for the 584 since "Hinata" was taken.

    Did you ever wish you could change it? If so, why?
    The previous answer answers this to a T. Who really wants a generic name with THREE numbers in the back, if you're one of those people good on you.


    Is the server you first chose the one you played on the most?

    Is there a specific reason you chose it over others?
    I can't remember why, it probably was just the first thing I picked.

    YEAR YOU STARTED: Late 2008

    How old were you when you started? (Optional)
    I was a freshman, so 14.

    What kept you playing?
    First it was the social aspect, then it just became out of habit to log in.

    FAVORITE COLOR SCHEME: Pink+Blue or my Red+Blue

    Do you incorporate your favorite color?
    The same color in both schemes, blue, so yes. All hail Blue.

    How many different color schemes do you think you’ve gone through?
    Lets see... Blue+White, Blue+Black, Cyan+White, Cyan+Black, Purple+Black, Light green+black, Red+Black, Red+White, Pink+Blue, Red+Blue, Purple+Teal. If I don't count switching between White and Black, 8. Counting with switching, 11.

    FAVORITE THING ABOUT MABI? The social aspect

    What is your favorite location in mabi? Why?
    My homestead, cause I can be away from people. And its beautiful~

    If there was one thing you could change about mabi, what would it be?
    Too many things, but I'll say graphics update.

    FAVORITE CHARACTER/NPC IN MABI? Rab, because dogs are great.

    Who is your least favorite? Why?
    Millia or Eirlys, because they both personally annoyed me.

    Which generation did you enjoy the most?
    2, because its the only one I remember doing somehow.

    YOUR FIRST RANK 1 Skill? (If applicable) Probably was Combat Mastery or Smash.

    When talents were made what did you master first?

    What did you Grandmaster first?

    YOUR FIRST PET? Holiday Bear

    How old is your first pet?
    546 years past 25

    Which is your favorite pet?
    My tuan pet

    Back then, his name was Spacekateer (I believe that's how you spell it) now he's on a new character called Kristophu.

    Do they still play?

    Are you still Friends?
    Became friends again awhile back.

    YOUR FIRST MABI GUILD? Not 100% sure, latest screenshots I have (2012) tell me Club.

    What’s your Current Mabi guild?

    Have you ever led a guild?
    No, only Officer.

    My nickname is Evee, nearly everyone who knows me calls me by that. Engaged in real life to Citsidas. Have an adorable dog that we adopted back in Cali named Ori. Here's a pic of her if you wanna see the cuteness.

  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    Private Academy Outfits
    Ladeca Robe
    Steampunk Outfits
    Cherry Blossom Outfits
    Lovely Cupid Outfits
    Cheerful Bride's Minidress (came out recently but is stupid rare)
    Loose-fit Knitwear and Stockings F
  • Commissioning Art? Stuck on another server?

    Arjune wrote: »
    IGN: Darvy
    Server: Mari
    Artist IGN: DANNYdani
    Artist Server: Tarlach
    Amount: 850k
    Trade to: DANNYdani

    I accept! I won't be available til tomorrow in the afternoon, so I will reply here again when I'm good to go. Or contact me on Discord [fastest/easiest way to get in contact with me or us] @ Evee #2092
  • Best economy update ever(Auction House discussion)

    I'm sorry Bliss. I agree with you on a great many other things, and I hope that what I am going to say is not misinterpreted (because I do respect you), but I will have to disagree with you outright on this.

    Buying and selling is an equivalent exchange. The seller has an item that they want to get rid of, and the buyer wants that item and will pay gold for it. The seller, in this case, can change their mind anytime, take back an item out of the auction house and re-implement it for a different bid range. The buyer, however, is not permitted to change their mind like the seller is. Right of the bat, you can see that this is not an equivalent exchange; one person has more power than the other.

    Why is it unfair or a jerk move for the buyer to change their mind? The seller does not have exclusive rights to the buyer's money bags; that gold is the buyer's property, not the seller's. Nor does the seller have exclusive rights to sell item A; plenty of other people also have item A and have the right to sell it if they wish. There is always going to be competition in an economy, and you will always have to compete with others in both buying and selling items. It is the very heart of a free market. Insisting that it is not fair that you have to compete with people selling Item A for cheaper is like insisting that it is not fair that other people exist to compete against. Until the trade happens, a seller does not have any dibs on the buyer's money; it is the buyer's property until the trade actually happens.

    A bid is not a promise, it is a proposal. It is not a guaranteed, it is a possibility.

    My parents work at a firm that deals with bids; that's just how it is.

    Can I just save how much I love what was said here, and how correct this is.