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  • Props to NX

    Since I don't see this thread yet can we give props to NX for finally posting patch notes? I know it's late, but hey maybe they are finally listening?
    NkeonaKatherzPolicromaKokoroTwelieBuffalosbadnewsbarrettAlmostNotsuperNilremKitimyuzuand 18 others.
  • Rebirth potion only last 3 days

    Aeolys wrote: »
    As I said before in a different post: 70% of all players don't read game news for events or maintenance.
    I knew since the beginning of the event that it will expire in 3 days because I read the announcement. Now, people see that it can expire and they get all bitter about it.

    I just want to add not even Nexon has had correct information about their rebirth potions. During the last event they didn't expire even though the announcement said they did. So really no one knows what these potions will do after the event has ended.

    But yeh I don't get why people refuse to even look at the site one day out of the week. There are so many players in game asking what's this event, what's this thing do, etc and they refuse to look at the site even when you say it's there.
    GretaCrimsọn[Deleted User]
  • We need Another 8+ hour Maintenance...

    By now people should understand that these maintenance are not fixing anything now. The issue lies elsewhere, and until NX decides to fix it no amount of maintenance is going to fix our problems. The servers just can't handle normal actions anymore, and the lag after a day should prove that. I also tried doing things off of my market channel the other day but the other channels were just as laggy for my party.

    Maybe it's the ISP as someone suggested, but I'm willing to bet it's just that the servers can no longer keep up with how we tax them. NX needs new servers, or to restructure code to better handle player actions.
  • It's so... tiny

    Greta wrote: »
    hontoowari wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    hontoowari wrote: »
    This is yet another event where I can't get everything I want, because KR keeps giving us such slim drop rates mixed with crap.

    "Boo Hoo, i don't get everything i want!" Seriously, i want sooooo much stuff, not just in game, but in real life too. But i don't come in to my bf or mother and cry saying "I WANT NEW PC, I WANT NEW CLOTHES RIGHT NOW!". You have to deal with it. Not everything will come into your hands. This is life.

    Boo hoo this makes people quit and then eventually your game you are defending so much dies.

    I'm fine with it. Less complaining to hear :^)

    And you know it's not everything. These events only give out a hand full of things people can do nothing with, because you literally need 40+ hs items to actually do anything with them. I and people like me just want numbers adjusted, but nope that'll never happen. So here I am complaining, and you can deal with it.
  • Typo in Latest Maintenance Notice

    wouldn't worry about it too much. they are after all human like everyone else. mistakes happen.
    Don't worry about it? They have been leaving out extremely important information for at least the past 7 months on every big event they've had. It's made many people angry, because the miscommunication, or no communication at all leads to time and money wasted. This is extremely unprofessional, and you wouldn't see this happen in any other company. It's not like there aren't enough translators out there, so it makes me wonder how much they are paying theirs if they are winding up with crappy translations like this.