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  • Who is handling your news section, Nexon?

    EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyy we made it to the towns square.
  • Who is handling your news section, Nexon?

    Can you have them actually play this game and confirm information before putting it on the front page of the Mabinogi official website? Because very rarely do any of the posts, especially events, have accurate information.

    "Small" examples:
    William post: 8x10 inventory? Where is it?

    Winternogi: >Blue/red Upgrade Gem. Sure.

    Masterplan event: Pretty sure you ninja edited it a few days in, but it definitely did not say complete skill exp potions anywhere at the beginning. Also ninja edited numerous items, such as adding magic onto the table. At the very least you're trying to fix the rough draft of whoever made it. Although we learned in high (middle) school to publish final, proofread, and accurate drafts. But that's just my education, not sure about theirs.

    Now some may argue I'm nitpicking. And you're right. I am. Small typos here and there, no problem, really. It just demonstrates an employee's complete lack of care of the game, that's all. But the William "typo" bugs me. What if someone bought it specifically because they legitimately thought it was an 8x10 inventory?

    "but no other partners are like th-" shut up. This game is literally all about power creep this day and age, this would've been completely legit. This is $18. And while I for one did not buy it for this sake, this is a valid reason to buy the partner, and it is false advertising.

    Now I will post this and watch this get moved to the town square once again. See you there folks.
  • Why is people afk in mabinogi ?

    Sometimes I feel like logging on and not do anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Most Desired Revamp Poll

    Uncap everything so I can finally master all skills.
  • This is anger.

    This is going to piss me off forever.

    RIP OCD Just let me master it

    Edit: idk why images aren't working for me: