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December 22, 1993
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OI- Im just a artist and im a bard.
  • Drawing random Players.

    Hamikatzu and Necrojoker From the Nao server.

  • Drawing random Players.

    So using this thread to post up random drawings ive done of players in the game

    This is of Erimay on Nao.
  • Spooky Screenshot Comic

    This is more comical than horror, I can't do horror to save my life, but it was fun.
    - IGN: Valmir. Server:Nao
  • Did they just take away a feature and call it VIP?

    Greta wrote: »
    Yes, it's unfair... They literally killed Belvast market with this

    not really... a lot of the expensive(overpriced.) stuff is normally in the AH now. So this i don't see really is an issue. if anything is just making it limited to how much you can sell per thingy, which isn't really an issue... Then again if you don't charge a lot on the item then you are safe.
  • Just a rant.

    AlexisEU wrote: »
    It's simple economics, not greed. If something sells for a high price (3x of what it used to be), its worth that much to someone. If someone was to sell something for the old price, it would simply be bought and relisted, and the original seller would be cheated out of 2/3 the money.

    Effects of inflation:

    Equipment repairs are considered cheaper.

    Money gain from activities are less rewarding.

    Item worth. If something is considered to have value, it will be worth appropriately to inflation.

    ...The thing is, its the PLAYERS.. pricing the items. They are the ones saying "Oh this item is so worth 50m." It realistically takes that one person to jack up the prices and starts that train. Then you have players who do realistic pricing on the item, they get yelled at because they are underpricing it and ruining the greedy people who are over pricing it.
    Overall, the worth of an item is how much a player would want to buy it for, then some in interest, but the players dont do it that way. as their greed takes place... Trust me, if everyone stopped refusing to pay the overpriced things, those sellers will lower them in due time trying to get rid of that item. No one wants a bank and pets full of stuff they dont want and half the time thats all stuff that is meant to be sold- they will get tired of having it and will break, selling that said item for lower they what they was asking.. You see it all the time with shops when someone has an item and when it hasn't sold in weeks, they lower the price.

    Also this would make it a hell of a lot easier for new players who dont have 200 B gold chilling in their banks.