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  • Simple Elf Tweaks (Magic)

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    I would say by all means they are intended to superior in magic,
    All skill arguments aside; there is nothing indicating or even remotely suggesting elves are to be "superior" at anything. To specialize in a skill is not to be the best most superior user of said skill. The official definition of these words are literally in my last post. They have two completely separate meanings. All characters specialize in something and none of them are the best at it. -0- Using the logic being applied to insist elves are superior in magic, we could also say the same for any human who chooses to play dark knight. -- but not because this changes their character in any other way outside of increasing the INT stat some. -- High INT doesn't mean master of magic, superior to everyone else in the game.

    --because high INT can be attained and capped by anyone.

    This thread came here with the intention of lifting elves up and over everyone else in the game, because they're under the false impression that an elf is to be the absolute best and most powerful player they can create. ~ I don't care how many trolls you folks pile on, or how many guild members you recruit to file against me; this line of thinking is wrong.

    Not the "absolute best and most powerful player they can create" but that they should be the best at their niche which is, as shown in the character creation menu, suppose to be magic and archery.

    They are by far the worst melee class. This is due to their lack of strength, lack of strength skills, and the strength skills they do have just doing less percentage damage (like WM which at dan 3 does 80% less damage than humans or giants). Not to even mention when wearing heavy armor elves get 50% dex reduction at any rank. In addition, most dual classes use str which compounds the problem.

    All I want is for elves to have compensation for not having those abilities and simple way of doing that would be to update final shot and elven magic missile to be better for magic.

    Otherwise elf mages aren't any different than giants or humans. Literally the same with no difference
    (Reduced mana cost for Icespear amounts to nothing)

    For specifics here is what I propose
    Elven Magic Missile
    -Scale with Magic attack when using Wands
    -Allow it be used out of trans for 6x the cool down (1 minute)
    -Allow it to be used with any wand/staff

    Final Shot
    -Allow it to be used with a staff/wand and give it +5 cc when doing this
    -Give an increase in casting speed or magic damage (Idk how much but a little would be nice)
    -Allow use of all magic abilities and the teleport

    I promise this isn't something ridiculous.
    I just want to be able to do something else besides magnum spam (and even that misses most of the time)
  • Simple Elf Tweaks (Magic)

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Lifeguard wrote: »
    Even disregarding the idea of having final shot apply for magic, elven magic missile should scale with magic attack and be usable without trans in some fashion (like the giants can). Literally 200~ damage max at r1.
    Elven Magic Missile is granted by your transformation (Falcon). I don't know what you're smoking, but you shouldn't be able to use it at any other time. Giants cannot use their transformation skill outside of transformation (Wind Guard is not a Beast Transformation skill).
    The last poll option made me giggle (it's so tempting lmao! ~ I'm kidding). ~ Being "the same" as every other mage isn't as bad as it sounds. :smirk:

    They changed it so giants can use full swing during wind guard during the giant renewal.