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I don't know what I'm doing but I'm having fun doing it! :D
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My in-game name is Seraina. Previously Lunabee from the Mari server. As a busy mom IRL to two little boys, my play time is random but I do try to get on when time permits.
  • Wish Upon a Star Candy

    Greta wrote: »
    Yes, i was making that conclusion already after few first runs, but i really don't like waiting and hoping to find anyone wanting to join running any of these, especially when Alexina is so dead and everyone are fishing now. Also there's a chance that others won't share their tickets because this is internet we talking about and you should trust no one here.
    I hate how Nexon on some weeks gives none or barely any events and when they slap many events at once all of sudden. This pattern is really bad.

    Not sure if you used a summon ticket yet (I just did) but it looks like these sprites really can take a beating and I got more than enough candies for the day (WAY too many - sad they'll disappear). I did it with my husband just to test it out and will be using them in the market channel from now on so others can get theirs, too. This is a great event for us all to work together. The more people who realize these really are meant to be shared I think more will use them openly for others to fulfill their daily limit.

    For anyone who doesn't know; When you hit the sprite, the candies go directly into your inventory so there's no chance they'll get lost on the ground. They don't automatically stack so you'll need to hit the stack option at the top of your inventory every so often if you don't have enough space.

  • Wish Upon a Star Candy

    I ran a bunch of shadow missions on Elite, tried Avon hardmode missions, and then hoped spamming Alby might work because I don't have all day. Sadly nothing. Looks like yet another second title I'll miss out on. Really disappointing the drop rate is so low on this...
  • WYALT - What You Are Listening To

    Usually I'm listening to songs from musicals. I love a bunch of the songs from The Greatest Showman.

    Songs like this are so fun to sing along to. ^^