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Inventory Clearance

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For purchase kindly note me in-game: jekko or Discord: jekko#5820

Little Ghost Transformation Medal - 8m
Colton Transformation Medal - 3.5m
Kyle Transformation Medal - 3.5m
William Transformation Medal - 8m
Avelin Transformation Medal - 3m
Revived Ruairi Transformation Medal - 3m
Party Shamala Transformation Medal - 1m
Mischievous Shuan Transformation Medal - 500k
Student Logan Transformation Medal - 800k
Student Eirlys Transformation Medal - 800k
Pathfinding Far Darrig Transformation Medal - 15m
Blackened Darrig Transformation Medal - 20m
Kraken Leg Transformation Medal - 10m
Kraken Rex Transformation Medal - 20m
Succubus Queen Transformation Medal - 25m
Barrier Guardian Spirit Transformation Medal - 10m
Sephirot Transformation Medal - 5m
Manannan's Servant Transformation Medal - 10m
Marcan Transformation Medal - 4.5m
Sacred Feather Wings - 8.5m
See-Through Cocktail Dress (F) - 3.5m
Matsuri Yukata (F) - 5m
Lymilark Choir Shoes (F) - 2.5m
Overdrive Dandy Hair BC (M) - 20m
White Rose Halo - 6.5m
Avenger Royal Princess Armor with Horseback Lance Charge Charge Width 18 Level reforge - 25m
Private Academy Shoes (F) - 1.2m
Puffy Cocktail Dress (F) - 10m
Rin Tohsaka Uniform (F) - 8m
Meryl Wig (F) - 7.5m
Cheerful Bride's Headband (F) - 25m
Pink Floral Regalia Wings - 10m
Tintable Flower Wings - 10m
Endless Winter Frostblossom Wings - 10m
Special Mystical Stellar Wear (M) - 12m
Altam's Armor with Final Strike Duration 16 Level reforge - 15m
Parade Band Wig and Hat (M) - 100k
Control Bar Stance - 20m
Crossbow Stance - 5m
Steampunk Inventor BC (M) - 5m
Icicle Celtic Royal Knight Swords (always in AH at these prices) : r1 - 75m / no reforge - 30m

To be Confirmed
Gotta make an Inventory Check before I put these out... Leaving this here to save myself from the trouble.

*These aren't exact as some of these items are from an outdated list*
Romantic Rose Dress + Heels
Urban Classic Wear (F)
Cross Empire Butterfly Hairpin (F)
Cheer Leader Headband (F)
Adorable Wig & Headpiece (F)
Autumn Breeze Twin Tail Wig & Hat (F)
Choppy Pompadour BC (M)
Active Hair BC (M)
Refined Medium Hair BC (M)
Bright Student Hair BC (M)
Spiky Bangs Hair BC (M)
Paris Hair BC (M)
Caswyn Hair BC (M)
Elven Hair BC (M)
Baby Volume Perm Hair BC (M)
Sporty Cut BC (M)
Soft Blow Waves BC (M)
Shylock Hair BC (M)
Patissier Hair BC (M)
Afternoon Tea Hair BC (M)
Divine Demigod Hair BC (M)
Shaman Hair BC (M)
Summer Vacation Hair BC (M)
Two Block Swallow Perm Hair BC (M)
Urban Hair BC (M)
Avelin Hair (M)
Buntails Hair BC (F)
Afternoon Tea Hair BC (F)
Divine Demigod Hair BC (F)
Boyish Hair BC (F)
Short Wavy Perm BC (F)
Neat Half Ponytail BC (F)
Odran Hair BC (M)
Cessair's Heart Hair BC (F)
Sinead Hair BC (F)
Caswyn Hair BC (F)
Ribbon Hair BC (F)
Dowra Hair BC (F)
High Tail It Outta Here Hair BC (M)
Private Academy Low Bun Hair BC (F)
Girlish Twin Tail BC (F)
Brilluen Hair BC (F)
Macaron Mistress Hair BC (F)
Romantic Half Updo Hair BC
Pierrot Hair BC (F)
Girl's Hair BC (F)
Fledgling Assassin Hair BC (F)
Rosy Bun Hair BC (F)
Annick Hair BC (F)
Baby Volume Perm Hair BC (F)
Cosmic Princess Hair BC (F)
Medium Sideburns Hair BC (F)
Kusina Hair BC (M)
Macha Hair BC (M)
Sentimental Eyes BC
Tempting Smoky Eyes BC
Innocent Bright Eyes BC
Daydreaming Eyes BC
Chic City Slicker Eyes BC
Starstruck Eyes BC
Deceiving Eyes BC
Glittering Eyes BC
Cold Scorn Eyes BC
Deep Gaze Eyes BC
Dark Fairy Eyes BC
Guarded Eyes BC
Smoky Eyes BC
Trustful Eyes BC
Succubus Fiend Eyes BC
Cool and Cavalier Eyes BC
Wide Glittering Eyes BC
Stargazing Eyes BC
Smug Mouth BC
Tight-Lipped Mouth BC
Cheerful Laugh BC
Angry Mouth BC
Obsessive Mouth BC
Airy Cheeks Mouth BC
Slightly-Bit Lips BC
Shaky Smile Mouth BC
Slightly Opened Smiling Mouth BC
Smirking Mouth BC
Declarative Mouth BC
Cordial Smile BC
Vampire Mouth BC
Drooling Mouth BC
Gleeful Kitten Mouth BC
Shocked Disbelief Mouth BC
Blush Face BC Set (M)
Blush Face BC Set (F)
Small Ears Bandaged Nose Face BC (M)
Cute Beauty Mark Face BC (M)
Mature Beauty Mark Face BC (F)
Droopy Ears Blush Face BC (F)
Droopy Ears Blush Face BC (M)
Pointy Blush Face BC (F)
Serious Blush Face BC (F)
Cute Oval Blush Face BC (M)
Cute Bandaged Face BC (M)
Small Ears Pointed Henna Face BC (M)
Serious Bandaged Face BC (M)
Petite Ears Bandaged Face BC (F)
Droopy Ears Beauty Mark Face BC (F)
Mature Blush Face BC (F)
Bandaged Face BC (M)
Serious Blush Face BC (M)
Droopy Ears Bandaged Nose Face BC (F)
Droopy Ears Bandaged Face BC (F)
Matured Bandaged Face BC (F)
Bandaged Face BC (F)
Petite Ears Bandaged Face BC (M)
Droopy Ears Blush Face BC (F)
Small Ears Freckled Face BC (F)
Serious Blush Face BC (F)
Starry Cheeked Face BC Set (M)
Moony Cheeked Face BC Set (F)
Starry Cheeked Face BC Set (F)
Shooting Star Face BC Set (M)

(priority) items with price
Blissful Groom's Suit (M) - 15m
Eluned Starlet Circle Outfit (M) - 2m
Floral Regalia Suit (M) - 3m
Hayashi's Vegabond Outfit (M)
Joyful Snowflake Coat (M)
Sheep Sonata Outfit (M) - 3m
Special Luna Fairy Wear (M) - 10m
Mysterious Thief Wig (M)
Tulip Parade Prince Wig