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Inventory Clearance

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For purchase / offers kindly note me in-game: jekko
or Discord: jekko#5820

[ WTS ]
Berched Wear (M) - 5m
Count Cookie Suit (M) - 3m
Battleborn Outfit (M) - 1.5m
Wizard-in-Training (M) : Outfit/Wig/Shoes - 10m
Special Adorable Pintuck (M) : Outfit/Wig - 12m
Cheerful Barista Outfit (M) - 2.5m
Morfyd's Outfit (M) - 20m
Autumn Breeze Wear (M) - 2.5m
Magus Crest Outfit (M) - 20m
*Reforge: Axe Mastery Crit 3/Combo: Drop Kick Splash Damage 19/Rain Casting Water Cannon Damage 11

Expert Assassin Wig (M) - 3m
Hayashi's Wig & Glasses (M) - 2m
Jeweler Wig (M) - 2m
Tulip Wig & Hair Ornament (M) - 2m
Cheerful Bride's Headband (F) - 20m

Twilight Astro Wings - 10m
Pink Floral Regalia Wings - 15m
Sacred Feather Wings - 10m
Fluffy Squirrel Tail - 5m
Regal Cherry Blossom Halo - 5m
Peach Noble Marionette Halo - 500k
Monochromatic Shining Star Pack - 2m
*Tons of Homestead Seeds - 10k/stack

Training Potion:
Lightning Mastery - 150k
Act 1: Inciting Incident (x2) - 350k/each
Shuriken Mastery - 150k
Kunai Storm (x2) - 500k/each
Grapple Shot - 2.5m
Flash Launcher - 500k
Dorcha Conversion - 150k
Final Shot (x2) - 700k/each
Shadow Bind - 350k

Transformation Medals:
Little Ghost - 15m
Colton - 3.5m
Kyle - 3.5m
William - 10m
Avelin - 3m
Revived Ruairi - 3m
Party Shamala - 1m
Collen - 500k
Galvin - 500k
Muschievous Shuan - 800k
Student Logan - 800k
Student Eirlys - 800k
Pathfinding Far Darrig - 15m
Blackened Darrig - 20m
Kraken Leg - 10m
Kraken Rex - 20m
Succubus Queen - 25m
Barrier Guardian Spirit - 10m
Sephirot - 5m
Manannan's Servant - 10m
Marcan - 4.5m

Beauty Coupons:

Two-tone Cat Eyes - 30m
Calm - 1.5m
Tempting Smokey - 7m
Stargazing - 1.5m
Glittering - 5m
Deceiving - 2.5m
Deep Gaze - 3m
Cold Scorn - 5m

Overdrive Dandy Cut (M) - 6m
Steampunk Inventor (M) - 2m
Baby Volume Perm (F) (x3) - 250k/each
Baby Volume Perm (M) (x2) - 150k/each
Scathach (F) - 700k
Girl's Hair (F) (x6) - 1m/each
Buntails (F) (x5) - 100k/each
Cosmic Princess (F) (x3) - 1.5m/each
Divine Demigod (M) (x2) - 1.5m/each
Rosy Bun (F) (x2) - 700k/each
Fledgling Assassin (F) (x5) - 500k/each
Ninja Hagi (M) (x2) - 500k/each
Divine Demigod (F) (x2) - 3m/each
Afternoon Tea (F) - 3m

Drooling - 2.5m
Slightly Opened Smiling - 7m
Airy Cheeks - 150k
Tight-lipped (x2) - 100k/each
Focused (x4) - 500k/each
Angry - 5m

Lined Ribbon Shoes (F) ~ 2m

Matsuri Stand ~ 2m
Dainty Corsage
Alice's Ribbon (F)
Nekone's Shoes (F)
Sultry Nurse Shoes (F)
Flowery Festival Heels (F)
Princess Hairband (F)
Baseball Club Headband (F)
Laced Leather Boots (F)
Lisbeth Boots (F)
Millia's Exploration Boots (F)
Nosuri's Shoes (F)