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Chef Exam Ticket part time job

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How am I supposed to complete Shena's Part time job in Emain?
Quest gives you items to create Lemonade not Lemon Juice, and when I make Lemonade I end up failing the quest for not completing the task.
Are you supposed to use different ingredients than the once received?


  • AeolysAeolys
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    Did you make two lemonades using the materials the ptj provide?
  • MusicalSuicideMusicalSuicide
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    Yeah, still haven't completed this part time job. Every time I make the Lemonades and hit Report, she just straight up fails me, as if I don't even have them in my inventory.
  • ValkiryeValkirye
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    edited August 31, 2017
    Is anyone going to answer this? Come on...it's been years and you can't patch this?
  • EraleaEralea
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    What's there to patch? I did that ptj very recently and entered a cooking comp last month. Didn't have any problems and successfully got my pasta book.
    I saw lots of other people entering the comps and monthly cook-off too, so clearly they've managed to get it working as well.


    The ptj gives you the ingredients to make Lemonade (Part-Time Job). If you make regular Lemonade or Lemon Juice, it will fail.

    Don't ask them to patch things that are already working, they might break it for real. :/