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  • New server in the future?

    Greta wrote: »
    You people finally get a merge and dare to ask for such crap...

    I wish we were merged, but what we get...? Now we can wait and see how Alexina is slowly dying out.

    "Dare ask for such crap" lol, you act like we were asked if we wanted this to happen and I want to be mad an argue but you mostly sound bitter than you wanted to merge for some reason and Alexina was left out.

    But no worries, overnight I figured out a problem and it'll work for you too!

    Every single Nao server is [full] or [busy] red and overcrowded ever since the update. But either A) after the original hype of getting free items just for logging on for 30 minutes, people will slowly start to leave the game again and maybe the server overload levels will go down. or B), do what I'm about to do and just make a new account. If you're unhappy with Alexina and don't want to be "left out", just make a character on Nao. I'm heading to Alexina myself now that I know they only have channels 1 and 2 [full]. Starting over sucks but I love this game and don't want to quit.
  • Server merge broke Dunbarton?

    I haven't been able to log on at all since the server merge. I used to be on Mari and ALL my characters have +Mari attached to their names. Is that stopping me from logging on until the name change option arrives? Or is my computer just not capable of the over-crowding now on the Nao server? Because honestly, besides the fact that I was being stalked and harassed on Ruairi, I switched to the Mari server because it was less crowded and loaded better on my computer. The character selection screen loads fine as usual but then when I click a character to log on, (I've tried all 4 of them now before posting this and they all have +Mari on their names and their all located in Dunbarton when I go to log on) the screen has these grey blocks pop up all over the place and then just shuts the whole program down. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I've tried both Nexon Launcher and Steam, I even tried going straight to rebirth instead of logging on to see if just Dunbarton was glitching. I don't know what else to do, if it's the over-crowding on the new server that caused this, will I still be able to play someday?
  • Moment of Silence for the 3 Lost Heroes

    I've been playing Mabinogi for 7 years now, and the server merge depresses me is because it erases Millitanian history and honor. The servers were named after Tarlach, Ruairi, and Mari because they were the 3 lost heroes and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for them when it comes to this game because they're the first quests you go on. The first NPC's you meet, the first storyline that not only gets you into the game, but expands over half the game. When I think of Mabinogi in general I always think of those 3 characters. It's great that there's new stories and characters branching out but you always remember your first, and now their servers have been erased. Their valiant efforts to save Erin have been ignored and now they're nothing more than bad graphics that newbies want to push past. Tarlach and Ruairi did not die for this. Dishonor on all your cows.

    this post is entirely satire
  • Missing Tara Seal Stone Title? o.o

    From my understanding in the FAQ, the seal breaker titles aren't useable until after the name change coupons arrives. I thought they just couldn't be used with a +server name though so now I'm just confused on if I misunderstood or if you found a glitch
  • Queries about name change coupons

    If I read the FAQ right, it said that no one will be able to make a new character with the name that's +server until after the name change coupons have a chance to go into effect so that no one can just make a new account and swipe that name out from under both of you. But that aside, get ready to have to fight someone for your name whenever the coupons drop. If the person with your user name has been inactive, I think the name can automatically go to you but if they're logged on there's a waiting period for the change to take effect in case they want to try and fight you for the name. I'm not looking forward to the chaos and just really hoping there's a lot of inactive users because all 4 of my characters have name+server