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  • "New and Powerful Enchants"

    @Blissfulkill idk about you but I don't my use conqueror girg Celtic Royal Axe for bash or wm it's exclusively for Fullswing, or my officer girg dowras are for just way of the gun shots. I use automatic tuanes and shuriken for more spamy stuff and to earn gold usually.

    But ultimately you do not NEED to use these absurd enchants or even all the time, that's why they are luxury enchants. I know people who use beams or stepped battle swords for phant and do really well.

    You don't need the absolutely best enchants to do end game thats why it's unnecessary to change these enchants because it's the players choice if they want to use things that will yeild in negative costs
  • Real Talk: Nerf Chainz

    @Rhey you know you dont need to be "meta" to have fun
  • Real Talk: Nerf Chainz

    what a biased poll
  • Thoughts on New Baltane Missions/Baltane Elites

    @Hellkaizer (((1020*8.5)*3.12)1.2)*1.33 = 43172
    8.5 = is impale multiplier ( 850% )
    3.12 = critical dmg with step 6
    1.2 = death mark boost
    1.33 = your bfo boost
    Ofc you werent wearing your gear but I doubt your falcon trans ( no gear ) beats your no trans ( with gear ) or at least they'd be similar unless you want add to my calculations im more than happy to get missing factors you didn't mention
    So again not seeing the 80k unless it was part of the joke

    Also you were wanting someone else in a previous thread to show what thier stats were basically making them prove it

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Screenshot yourself with 1400 dex please. You claim to have it, and also claim to understand more about the game than everyone else posting videos and proof that you're wrong, and the only thing you're coming back with is "you just don't understand"

  • Thoughts on New Baltane Missions/Baltane Elites

    @Hellkaizer im only seeing 30k or 40k with no support shot, or was that I can do 80k without support part of the "joke" too.