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  • Faster Character Movement!

    I give a +1 for that sprint idea.
  • Just do it.

    Hey, look on the bright side. We are entering the age of regular Alexina vs Nao competitions and the healthy rivalry that comes from that. I can imagine a competition to see which server completes the most event questlines with the prize being a week of double rainbow for the winning server.
  • Quality of Life

    Some suggestions to help the inventory problem.

    Bag stuff:

    1. Please name the bag window with the bag item's actual name, like Moonlight Hammer Ferghus Doll Bag instead of just Bag. Cut the name short if it's too long, but anything is better than 7 windows all named Bag.

    2. Don't hide the bag's item type preference icons when it gets minimized.

    3. Option to add nickname to bag window, like "Gems" or "Sell".


    5. Allow custom rules (filters) in the bag preference window like: ALLOW all weapons EXCEPT all weapons with 0 durability. Auction House already has very powerful categories and filters. We could use that system for bag filters.


    6. Allow some way to re-order bag hierarchy, meaning which bag window gets shown on top and where items go first when there are no preferences set. The simplest solution is to follow the order of the bags in your main inventory (first use the bag in the top left, all the way down to the bag in the bottom right).

    Misc interface stuff:

    1. Stop with the endless popup windows that tell us we received items. Option to move this information to a scrolling text log somewhere.

    2. Some way, somehow, let us combine/stack items that are functionally equivalent yet separate items. This mostly applies to items that have ran out of allowable trades. When these items reach 0 trades left, please just turn them into the event/non-tradeable version. Example, Combat 2x EXP Potion (10 minutes) are stackable. There are event and non-event versions of this potion. When the non-event version runs out of trades, it ends up being the exact same item as the event version but the two stacks can't stack together.

    3. Not too important, but let us dye leather/cloth/silk pouches. It would help with organizing.
  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ


    If they merge all servers, whether all four at once or Nao + Alexina in the future, there would be a period of time during which no new characters could be created gamewide. In the case of merging all four servers in their first attempt, that's an entire month of turning away ALL new players to the game. Considering this, I can understand why they left out Alexina.

    I'm hoping they use the 3-server merge as an opportunity to learn from and streamline the server merge process, so that if they want to merge Nao + Alexina in the future they can shorten the character creation moratorium to a more acceptable length of time. Personally I think a week of no new characters, pets, or partners would be acceptable if the reward were a total server merge.
  • Server MARGE Meme Submission


    IGN: gravithicc
    Server: Alexina
    GretaKensamaofmariTheNyanCatDhemeTomoNekoLorealMistumicourtneyyCrimsQonspiracyand 13 others.