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The Sandstorm Box is here!


  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
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    edited July 15, 2018
    Everytime someone gets a bad drop, it should be accompanied by the tune of Darude-Sandstorm.

  • DANIartsDANIarts
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    Greta wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Do these versions of the outfits have any sort of pose?

    Desert Guardian Outfit (F)
    Desert Guardian Outfit (M)
    Desert Warrior Outfit (F)
    Desert Warrior Outfit (M)

    No, but the "Ancient" ones do.

    Don't the Ancient ones just give the action to turn into a Kitty? They also have a pose :o?

    Hmmm... You are actually right. I just realized now what these outfits actually do after you said that. I thought it was Transformation Medals, but i didn't see such item anywhere so it must be an action just like you said. :) Shame that these outfits don't have animation. Just imagine if your character could do an Egyptian dance while wearing that LOL.

    I would have preferred an animation where it turns into a cat and rolls on the ground like the pet...though that might be annoying after a while? It's just so cute.

    It'd be better if they had animation PLUS the trans to kitty.
    also, they missed a good opportunity to make commerce partners or some kind of Egyptian partner that does like... curses to a certain extent.
  • EmerisEmeris
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    I've been wanting an Egyptian-themed outfit for YEARS now, so I'm really happy we've finally got some! :D
  • JazmynJazmyn
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    Everytime someone gets a bad drop, it should be accompanied by the tune of Darude-Sandstorm.

    We used to go on "field trips" in elementary school to a place that was called Skate City and they used to play this song... a lot... I feel so old hearing it now! D;
    Basically this:
  • VeylaineVeylaine
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    edited July 17, 2018
    Any gacha with shadow crystals ( as an assured prize ) that boost gold rewards is good in my book