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Why do you play Mabi?


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    "Insatiable Addiction for Drama"..... :kissing_heart:

    Since G1.
  • Firecatx3Firecatx3
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    I play mabi because I love the style, how the combat feels, the different outfits and their combinations, plus the fact that you can dye most of them, some of the skills are just pretty fun to use, plus the story is something I enjoy alot. Being able to be more than one class I want and switching between them in a single character too :D
  • VaughanVaughan
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    edited September 10, 2018
    As a solo player: Because I can play whenever I want, however I want and actually make progress. No progress walls here with cruddy queues and forced parties to get to the next quest!

    Secondly: The customization. The available options are insane and unmatched by any other game and I have wasted so much money and time making OCs and in-game cosplays. :D It'salsooneoftheonlygameswhereyoucanbeanactualtrap.
  • AnimemabiAnimemabi
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    I ask myself that everyday
    Gaby5011CrimsọnKensamaofmari[Deleted User]Radiant Dawn
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited September 17, 2018
    EDIT 9/17/18: Nevermind. Goodbye. I don't know what happened, action was taken against me for something. So that's it. Last 2 pages of comments in my history have been edited to reflect that.

    It was bad enough that I had to stare at a mild warning everyday, and now it's up at medium. Thread was deleted so I couldn't review what I had posted. So that's it.

    Take care.
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  • TaffytaTaffyta
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    I started playing mabi.. sometime years back just because a good amount of my friends did and it was a cool way to hang out. I never got very into the combat stuff or story or anything (I was there when G9 was released, and then G13, so my old character has those started along with G1 but never finished) it was just neat to log in to a little fantasy life. My friend used to take me to mine for fossils and for some reason I really liked that back then?
    Anyway I'd go back and forth through playing and not playing, around 2015 for the anniversary that year was the last time I logged in for two years and I started playing again last year and have been playing since then !! Mabi keeps me coming back because it's really charming in its ways. I'm not much of a combat oriented person in any video game, I like exploring and relaxing and doing other things and mabi has a nice world to just EXIST in. I like to sit in some of the pretty areas I just like to look at my character she's really cute ok? Fashion is definitely most of what I play for the amount of outfit pieces and the way you can dye and customize is awesome.
    I mean the way some things are locked behind paywalls and gacha is disappointing but.. in general it's fun for me. Another big part of why I keep playing is just the community, in the last year of playing mabinogi really actively I've met a bunch of cool people! And they're really great to see and hang out with. Good company makes fantasy life worth living, you know?
  • DragoolfireDragoolfire
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    edited September 10, 2018
    Put too much money in to this game to quit. I have tried, but honestly its fun. Also, this is the only game I play, and maybe the only one I ever will play. I would be very sad and angry if something ever happened to it. I want to be 100 and still playing it. ❤️
  • Gaby5011Gaby5011
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,965
    Posts: 714
    Being able to grow a single character over the years and seeing how far I can push that character is quite something. Been playing for 8.5y with a ~1.5 year break at some point. I'm quite proud where my character is at right now, even though I'm a bit weak for my level (20k).
  • NottodNottod
    Mabinogi Rep: 355
    Posts: 2
    Probably because of masochism, only logical conclusion when I'm still playing this game after losing hundreds of hours of progress from failing step upgrades and crafting. :sob:
  • AlshianAlshian
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    edited September 11, 2018
    Hm i started playing when Romeo and Juliet was out good times, it was when i was watching anime of a website then saw the ad of mabi. Thought its a anime social roleplay game but boy was i wrong when i was at tir killing foxes when i first met the little boy with a helmet.

    The game had remind me of Shin megami tensei online and had heard the combat style was Mabinogi first, i sorta thought why i had not heard of such a game in a long time when my other fav game had shut down. Only reason i like mabi was because of how original it is. The freedom to be what ever i want without sticking to one thing, to wear almost every outfit out there then color it to your desire for being original or reveal your personality and taste. The story is very great a bit out of place at some parts but i guess that comes with having different visions of many other directors. I even can't wait for G22 >w<

    Sadly after playing this game that is now run with heavy rng after rng never to get the desired something i had paid for out of my crummy hands bled dry with cash, I find it simple to myself that this game became dull when the chances is almost close to being abysmal. Good game, still is sad that the game did not hide how realms different the quality of the game is from the old content.

    Still play it to this day just taking a break from the long grind to rank life skills lol.
  • Jayy124Jayy124
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    edited September 11, 2018
    I joined in February of 2011 when I was 10 years old. Joining mabinogi was such an amazing decision. I had so much fun and got to meet so many great people throughout the years. I would say my favorite time throughout the years was the summers of 2013 and 2014. I would pull all-nighters and just have endless fun with my friends. I was highly addicted to the game, didn’t take a break until my sophomore year of high school in 2015 because school started to become time consuming.

    From 2015 onward I would start to play again then take breaks. Ultimately it leads me to where I’m at now in 2018. I’m in my freshman year of college in a prestigious university where I literally have to be working on school every single day and don’t get time to do anything. I also have a Mac and sadly can’t download the game (I haven’t played since May). I am hoping in the spring I can afford a nice desktop just to play Mabi lol.

    I grew up with Mabinogi and maybe that’s the reason I always come back to it. I’ve tried other mmos with their nice graphics but none have attached to me like Mabinogi has. It is such a unique game with its various assets such as combat system, fashionogi, etc. And I don’t think I’ll ever find a game just as unique.

    Oh yeah… and I’ve also spent a little too much money on this game to quit haha.

    Edit: And yes, although I don't play I do read the forums just to see what's up with the community and the game; don't judge me.
  • ShouKShouK
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,735
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    RPG has always been my favorite video games genre since I was a kid. I tried bunch of mmorpgs like Runescape and Maplestory, and has never play again after trying it once. Runescape is the best that I have tried but for reasons I don’t remember anymore, I quit Runescape and have never since found a mmorpg that fits my taste.

    I started searching for mmorpg to play again after being inspired by shows like Aaron Stone, animes like SAO amd Btoom, and manhwas like The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and The Gamer. It literally took tons of mmorprg review websites and videos before I finally found Mabinogi in August of 2016 (I swear it’s like they don’t even advertise this game). I was immediately hooked despite suffering terrible lag and displacement due to playing from Asia because it fits everything I have always wanted in a mmorpg: The ability to completely customize your character (fashionogi lyfe), tons of life skills and total freedom of what you want to do in this game.

    2 years later I already capped nearly everything in this game, and already achieved the long term goal I set for myself when I first started to play (phantasm breaker). So I ran out of things to do except for grinding gold (f2p lyfe) to get the 100m++ end game gears. I have try to quit but everytime there are new events it just sucks me right back in. The addiction is real.
  • BlortadBlortad
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,490
    Posts: 251
    I don't remember what year it was I started, but I remember G2 had just come out when I started because everyone was excited for the release of Paladin. I really have no idea why I leapt playing back then, cause lets be honest, G2 Mabi was AWEFUL! (and not like cooking dungeon mobs without -CP gear) I played back then as far as to find out that the game was basically pay to play in disguise, then stopped, but came back when they made RB and mainstreams free for the first time, back when RB was once every 3 weeks. Since then the game has had some super bad problems (anyone remember "Shoot the Sun" and the complete loss of friends list functionality? Or character lockouts? Or hackers spamming dragon meteor in the middle of Dunbarton? Or that old gold dupe glitch that got an insane amount of players banned?) but eventually polished itself up into what it is now. I think the main reason I liked Mabi so much was that it was completely unique, and the verity the game had with everyone having access to all skills at any time and being able to rank or not rank whatever suited their play style was really cool. I also really liked that the growth potential of a character was as close to limitless as I had ever seen. Learning how combat works was a huge hurdle, but once I got everything down, the combat became really satisfying when lag wasn't getting me killed. Recently there has been a HUGE amount of effort to stabilize and debug the game as well as to rework outdated, dead content to make it meaningful, and it really shows. There have been a few times where I quit Mabi for 6 months to a year or more because the game was in shambles for a fairly large portion of its lifespan up til recently. Now even if im not actively playing I regularly check back on the website to see whats going on. Mabi is really shaping up into the game its deserved to be for a long time, and Im really please that a game as unique as this one has come as far as it has. I really like Erg infusion and the new field raids, I havnt tried the non-field ones yet, but I will eventually. I like the addition of Baltane missions to give me something to do besides SM's for eternity, which were really starting to get tedious. I also really like how highly customizable your characters appearance is, even though I dont use it much myself. Iv seen some really cool characters put together over the years, which is another thing that Mabi has that few other games do.Im really looking forward to seeing what becomes of Mabi in the future. I am really interested in the fact that the next update is PVP focused. This game doesn't really have much going for its PVP, which si too bad, because Mabi's combat can get as thrilling and intense as a more fast paced 2D fighter. I would love to see more gameplay revolving around pvp, I might actually do it more.

    The main thing that really draws me to Mabi is how unique it is.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited September 11, 2018
  • FionagraceFionagrace
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    Well uhm I play mabinogi because it's the only game that my laptop wants to run without crashing.....
    KensamaofmariCrimsọnRadiant Dawn
  • GretaGreta
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    edited September 11, 2018
    Fionagrace wrote: »
    Well uhm I play mabinogi because it's the only game that my laptop wants to run without crashing.....

    Lol, indeed. The only game that my laptop can smoothly run. Would probably play something else if i had more powerful PC.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    I am heading out to work now, so I will edit this when I get home, But I have alot of positive things to say. I love this game very much <3

    So where's your life story Faye?
  • MizukoMizuko
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    edited September 11, 2018
    My cousin showed me the game in 2008 when I was a console gamer. At first, I lacked the creativity and power I need to play the game. I ended up quitting because the rebirth cost money and I don't have the funds to perform that. Then, my cousin messed up my old character so bad that I have to create another one from scratch. Later on, I went back into the game when the Iria Update came out and my creativity grew after watching some anime and playing a bit of Pangya. (That game shut down sadly.) I return back to the game to catch up to my cousin's level and gaining the resolve into getting stronger. When the blackrobe incident came out, my cousin quit, but I got very lucky that I was not involved with the incident. I ultimately surpass him in terms of skill, power, and tactics. Later, my creativity improved to create my own sense of fashion. I improved my skills and power little by little each day to the point of getting rank 1 of all available skills and capped all of the available skills. Overtime, when free rebirth came out every week, I prefer staying at age 10 instead of age 17 because I prefer my character to be more like a Touhou character. When Dan Test Revamp came out, it's back to training again, but in the present, I am focusing on Crusader EXP and Levels. (Note: I had to quit the game for 6 months to focus on my studies.)

    In the present, I have created my own unique character, which is completely different to around 99% of the players in the Mari server. (Note: That percent was a guess.) I became extremely powerful without relying on gachas (happens on rare occasions), gaining extra boost from events, delivering strong damage output, high gold and ducat cashflow, and continuing to reach the goal of getting to Crusader Level 225. I tend to use my own money to get pets from cash shops on certain occasions. Overall, I enjoyed the game as a whole because it has fulfilled about 90% of my creativity.
  • SoraiteSoraite
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    edited September 11, 2018
    i think i was in middle school. My friend from Maplestory told me to join (Mardia server wassuppp), she was my first online friend and we got along really well, always laughing and hanging out online. So when she said she was leaving to play Mabi i had to join her! When i first started playing all i remember was that the cool place to hang out was inside alby dungeon lobby lol (G3 era?), I was pretty sure i remade my character 3 times cause i couldn't stick with the look and name, and so in the end a 13 year old had created a female human with the ign Soraite (Sora is sea shell in Korean, the last 3 letters were random exdee). Ever since then I'd just become so addicted to the game. I'm pretty sure i didn't know how to even play it back then because all i did was do quests and play events, but i had friends and those friends are people i still talk to even now.

    I'll tell you this now, if you're a veteran mabi player who has been playing since the first few generations, you've definitely fell victim to the black hole that is Mabinogi. There's something about this old laggy game that no other mmorpg has. Maybe it's the non level max and the no class system. Even if it's an old game, it has many charms that other new mmos don't have.

    Why i still play now is because of my friends. I've met my very first friends through this game multiple times- we all quit at some point, but somehow we just come back. Whether it be 2 years later or 5 years later we always SOMEHOW come back and see that we're still on each others buddy list and say hi. I remember Tina, i remember her stupid ex boyfriend who still plays :), i remember skywood, i remember Veraphine, i remember her ex boyfriend death. I remember Ichitaku and RedRage, ikorea and her ex (ㅋㅋ 미안 오빠) and her current bf icespark. I remember my first real guild Serendipity,the guild leader and his gf Neue, from the guild there is Indulgence, Sashiro, blapblap, and Dairain (whom i still talk to, to this day :D). Then ofcourse Jeri and her man and pladen. Pocario is an old friend i still see around too, and Milk, elfzach, and cari pretty much play everyday all the time :)

    I've had a lot of memories since i was 13 in this game. I'm 21 now and i'm still somehow wasting my life away by buying nexon and afking in events and not bothering to endgame my character.
    But even if it's a waste of bucks and time, this game has become to grow as a part of my life. The people i met gave me experiences and memories i'll always remember (even if there are bad moments because mari is a dramahellhole). Though i'm upset its not as popular because of it's old graphics, the fact that it's still alive today just gives me more reason to keep on playing it until it closes. These days i'm too busy to play all the time but i love to get on to do events and talk to my friends :)
  • TtheHeroTtheHero
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    I started playing this game back when G1 was considered paid content. Eventually I took a break, long enough for my human to get the Old title. But I came back in full force in time for the Iria update.

    Why do I continue playing? It does a lot of things other MMOs don't. Like the inventory system, how you can freely drop items instead of them getting destroyed the moment you try to place them outside your inventory, and the housing system (though WildStar kinda has a better one, but that game's shutting down sadly...) Dyes aren't as hard to come by either. You gotta go through hoops to get them in other games or the system seems convoluted to hell.

    And it's great to see the game improve as time goes on. (though the Dungeon Revamp was a step in the wrong direction) Clothes look less polygonal, though I would like to see the older clothes revisited and revamped to be on par with the standards of the threads we have now. Have you SEEN the Tork's Blacksmith Suit? It's much too blocky now