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Why do you play Mabi?


  • LeineiLeinei
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    edited November 7, 2018
    To be honest, I don't know how I would be today without Mabinogi, my fellow Milletians and the guys at Nexon working on it. Trigger warning for what follows.

    It's been a pretty crummy past few years for me and my family. Mom in 2015 got breast cancer (which she beat), then I got skin cancer in 2016 (which I beat), my Dad died in 2017, and in 2018 Mom was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (she has a good prognosis).

    One thing that has been a constant through all that was the support of the friends I made in this game. And as much as people hate on Magic Craft and Engineering, how long it took me to rank and master it gave me something to lose my stress in. The monotony was very helpful.

    Chatting on the forums has also been fun, especially since it goes beyond the boundaries of our servers. So, to my fellow Milletians in game, on the forums and at Nexon. Thank you.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Leinei wrote: »
    To be honest, I don't know how I would be today without Mabinogi, my fellow Milletians and the guys at Nexon working on it. Trigger warning for what follows.

    It's been a pretty crummy past few years for me and my family. Mom in 2015 got breast cancer (which she beat), then I got skin cancer in 2016 (which I beat), my Dad died in 2017, and in 2018 Mom was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (she has a good prognosis).

    One thing that has been a constant through all that was the support of the friends I made in this game. And as much as people hate on Magic Craft and Engineering, how long it took me to rank and master it gave me something to lose my stress in. The monotony was very helpful.

    Chatting on the forums has also been fun, especially since it goes beyond the boundaries of our servers. So, to my fellow Milletians in game, on the forums and at Nexon. Thank you.

    #CuckCancer Keep fighting! Mabi is here for ya!
  • KrimsKrims
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    Giegue wrote: »
    When I was 14 I browsed Youtube, saw these amazing videos of someone playing music in Mabinogi and showing off gameplay and my child soul was drawn into this hellgame, thanks Reinforce. However, this was in July 2008, MabiEU hadn't been announced and MabiNA still had an IP Block for Europeans. I couldn't play.
    However in December 2009 I was alerted by a dutch friend that MabinogiEU had just opened a closed beta, and I managed to snag a code from a promotional website!
    I'd never really played an MMO before, but it wasn't long before I made a bunch of friends that, **9 years later**, I still speak to daily, and even hang with irl.

    Unfortunately, in 2012 MabiEU announced it would be ending it's services. We felt it was coming, NexonEU clearly didn't put effort into managing or advertising the game to it's fullest potential, and we believed the rumor that the Mabinogi EU team was made up of 4 people, and were pretty sure only one of them knew how the game worked. However, NexonNA opened it's doors to us in the wake of it all, and my friends migrated from Morrighan to Mari. (And then we crashed the server... oops)
    Meeting the NA community opened me up to even more friends, and we all were incredibly creative. About 2 years of us bonding over our love for this game and the characters we'd created through art and writing has left pleasant memories, even if most of them have put the game down to play other things. I still see them slide back into Mabinogi for a couple days. Kinda like visiting grandma. Me on the otherhand? I still play. Pretty casually due to life, but I still play.

    The Core game?: Outside of the memories this game has for me, I found the unique playstyle and freedom this game has is unrivaled by any other game on the market. Nothing holds up to what it offers. Though other, newer games are certainly more intuitive and fun nowadays, I always find myself going home to grandma when I get bored, and all with it's clunky fun.
    The Gameplay?: As someone who suffered from abysmal lag and was the weakest of my friends, I didn't enjoy the gameplay early on. However life skills gave me the oppurtunity to help my friends where i failed in combat. Now, I'm just grossly overpowered and the objective is to simply do enough damage to ignore most of the core mechanics that the game is based on. It feels... good, though. To finally be that strong.
    The Community?: I stuck with my friends, and had bad experiences with guilds, but Mabinogi has always drawn out a weird desire to interact with others. In the past, the towns swarming with players to a point where my Laptop pulled the trigger on itself was beautiful to see. Nowadays in Mabinogi it's heartwrenching to see the towns empty...
    The Setting and Story?: WHOEVER WROTE CHAPTER 6, I LOVE YOU. Yup, this is the one. I genuinely ADORE the Irish influence in Mabinogi, and the writing, although a bit... odd in places (Saga...) I find foreshadowing to future mainstream quests keep me eager for the next story update. I love the characters, I love that the story isn't rediculously nitty gritty but it's still capable of being dark, I love the personality that was given to the Milletian player's character and how it acknowledges the unbalanced, overpowered powercreeping nature of the player. It feels meta. I like meta. I feel like I can forgive the power creep based on the fact that it makes SENSE.
    My child?(!?): No, not an actual child. I'm talking about my Mabi character. This one's a little sad, not tragic, just... really pathetic. But one of the major reasons I keep playing this game is because I'm attached to my Mabinogi character. I've adopted her as an Original character, given her depth and character as a writer. I don't view her as my avatar but as her own character. She's looked nearly the same for 9 years. My goal in Mabinogi, currently, is to simply rank all of my skills to 1. This way I feel like I've completed her. Additionally, I wish for my writing to one day be aknowledged. I don't ever intend to seperate it from the Mabinogi universe to make it my own original works. It's my love letter to the series that held my hand growing up.

    In a Nutshell: I am attached to this game. Unbelievably emotionally attached. I get this weird empty feeling every time I complete the latest mainstream expansion knowing that it'll be a while before we see the next. All my old friends even returned to the game in the summer and we played for about 2 months before they put it back down for the next expansion. I want to support the game more! I hate Gacha but it's really the only thing I can do to support the game. I wish I could buy merchandise or something, but even if NA released merchandise, I'm european, and it probably wont ship overseas...
    I wish there was something I could do to actively support this game and keep it going for a little while longer.
    Giegue's baby pictures: This is when I bought her signature outfit on MabiEU
    Even in Maplestory 2 I play Mabinogi.

    9 years later she's just a little shinier: unknown.png

    Edit: Writing this post made me late for work.

    Nearly same goal but try doing it in under 1k lvl
  • HarukariHarukari
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    i dont anymore. i just lurk the forums and get on when something interesting catches my eye.
  • GiegueGiegue
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,975
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    Krims wrote: »
    Giegue wrote: »

    Nearly same goal but try doing it in under 1k lvl

    Im have an alt that I'm in the process of doing that with, my gimmick is "No Rebirth allowed"
    I'm making progress but it's a side thing. He has about 50% of the Close Combat Tab finished.
  • ZearaZeara
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    I started playing in 2008 but quit soon after because it was hard to get into. Came back around in 2009 when I saw ads on facebook of Mabi and decided to give it another chance. Ever since then, the game has been a past time for me. I met many people and learned many things because of this game and still play it to this day. The game helps me deal with being able to escape from the daily stress of life and getting away from the military life I live when I have free time. Also because of mabinogi, I met my partner in crime, my best friend who I will be marrying next year. <3

    What I love about the game is the story, the ability to play how I want when I want. If I want to go out and do a dungeon or a quest I can, but if I choose not to I can still play the game by working on skills or just hanging around and being social. The lack of being forced to "Kill 5 wolves" as every quest requirement is another great thing. I also love, being the fashionogi I am, being able to collect different clothing pieces and make them all work with each other as well.

    What I hate about the game is the lack of playerbase and nothing being done about it. Being in Korea made me realize a lot about Nexon KR. They still advertise the death out of their game so much that Korean youtubers make videos that either make a nod towards the game or actually involve the game all together. I was at a cosplay store in Seoul that sold mabinogi cosplay costumes and saw Mabinogi action figures and merch and I believe Nexon NA needs to advertise the hell out of their game again before it dies.

    I love Mabinogi, it has been a part of my life for 10 years and going and my virtual home away from home. I appreciate everything that has to do with this game and plan to stay as long as the game is alive. Thank you Nexon.
  • Fullmetal220Fullmetal220
    Mabinogi Rep: 215
    Post: 1
    I started playing Mabi because I wanted to play an MMORPG I got tired of other genres like FPS, I originally was a combat arms player so, I decided to try Mabi when I saw Alchemist came out in 2010 and I was a big Fullmetal Alchemist fan hence my name. Although ironically I became a Grandmaster warrior first I was hooked for a while so much to do the combat, the adventure the people you meet on the way left me with an awe and wonder, but after a few months of playing I left due to frustration with how much I felt everything cost as a new player feeling I'll never be as good as a pro since I couldn't repair my cool NPC bought battle swords I came back after 3 months with a vengeance but my guild at the time had died while running shadow missions I made friends joined a new guild but it later died then a few of the active members made our own guild Magiknights we're currently dead in Mabi sadly a few of us have not played Mabi in about 2 years but we have a discord and play many other games together now this guild has become something more and has grown outside of Mabi forming bonds that have lasted 8 years now and will continue to last for many more. Mabi even introduced me to the woman who is the love of my life whom I hope to marry soon in real life! I still play from time to time not as much as I used to which is probably healthier for me. This game is special it gives the player real freedom to do and be whatever you want at any given time just as dreams and goal change in real life. I came into the game wanting to be the strongest that may have not worked out, but what I got were friendships and relationships that are strong. The freedom of choice in the hands of the player and the player base itself is why I play Mabi.
    -Fullmetal220 of Mari
  • ChelChel
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    The MMORPG genre never really clicked with me until I stumbled upon Mabinogi. I had less than zero interest in Everquest, WoW, Runescape, Maplestory or anything else that followed - none of it really called out to me, despite the fact that I've had numerous people along the way try and get me into a fair variety of such things. It wasn't that I disliked the MMORPG concept in and of itself, it just didn't seem like the games that were being pushed at me were my sort of thing.

    This changed fairly recently, in November of last year when my spouse and I, interested in finding games we could play together (my game preferences don't overlap much with her's) decided to give a few random free to play games a try. Everything struck out rather quickly...

    ...except Mabinogi, which I've since gone on to pour over 700 hours into, with a few breaks here and there. What keeps me coming back? I've fallen in love with the world, the lore, the characters, the main quest lines, the open ended nature of character progression, the silly little things like freestyle jams and the mercantile system, the combat system, and so much more. The fact that the game allowed my spouse and I to get married in game and didn't have obnoxious and unnecessary restrictions on same-sex stuff? Frosting on the cake. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    With all of that said, I feel like I should touch on another game I started playing recently - Maplestory 2, since it's the only other MMORPG I've really (more than a couple hours) played at this point.

    I poured an utterly silly amount of time into that game when the global version was first released last month. Finished up the story content, a large portion of the side quests, got involved with guild stuff (something I never did on Mabinogi due to being shy af), etc. And you know what? I honestly don't really feel any drive or desire to log back into it at all. I don't particularly feel like I have anything to look forward to in playing it. Compared to Mabinogi, I would say that it has a dull story, uninteresting characters, a world I don't particularly care about, and... well... a whole lot of blandness. It's funny, actually - my time in Maplestory 2 convinced me to return to Mabinogi following a period of extremely intense Mabi burnout, lol.

    I don't say that to trash on Maplestory 2 so much as to highlight the fact that when I went looking for something to fill the role of my own personal 'Mabinogi Successor' there was... well... nothing that really measured up and delivered on the sort of things that drew me in with Mabinogi in the first place.

    tl;dr: I like freestyle jams, nao, the characters/lore, nao, trying to someday afford a bloody piano, and... uh... nao? pls don't judge me
  • nomigid15nomigid15
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    edited November 27, 2018
    Harukari wrote: »
    i dont anymore. i just lurk the forums and get on when something interesting catches my eye.

    Same here. In my case, I'm waiting for the day when they stop pushing G19 quests on low-level players who have barely even started on G1 yet.
  • RoytonRoyton
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    edited December 11, 2018
    I've recently started playing Mabinogi again after a long while.
    Back in those days I didn't explore much of the content I wanted to, and so I decided to get far this time.
    I also never obtained the weapon I wanted most, the Tethra haha. I keep naming things in other games after it.
    Obtaining Tethra will be my side endgame goal.
  • EndlessClaineXDEndlessClaineXD
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    (my god what is this horrid name I have on here...)

    Hey there Mabinogi Forum people, I dunno how to introduce this haha

    lets just start with this I guess *ahem*

    I don't remember exactly when I started playing this game but honestly it's kind of heartbreaking to see it the way it is now, it feels like such a dead game for new players specifically. Every time I've been on the game as of late I have only seen like maybe one or two players in the starting areas. Its understandable that most of the playerbase at this point are way beyond the starting areas so I don't blame the game for that, I'm purely speaking from a new players point of view. I haven't played the game for long but when I did play it I actually enjoyed it very much. I don't know what exactly caused me to stop playing but I wish I could go back to when this game had a larger playerbase. I'm not sure if its just because I join the empty channels or I am in an empty server, I have no clue. Although, I would love to get back into this game as a new player since its been so long and I wasn't even that far into the game when I stopped. I want to share this game with my friends in an attempt to get them into an MMORPG that we could play as a group and enjoy. However, I feel like its difficult trying to introduce friends to this game as well as get myself into the game in its current state. I feel like a big part of this game is the whole interactive aspect, whats a big world without some human interaction? I don't doubt that the story line is amazing, its just at the beginning the game feels less like an MMORPG and more like an RPG. Of course, as I said before, I hadn't really played the game much before so I feel as though my opinion about the game is a lot less worthy than those who have put multiple years into the game.

    I also apologize if this message/reply is a bit overdone and has been said like a million times or anything like that, I don't mean to be repetitive I just mean to speak my mind. Another thing I'd like to mention, or at least bring up, is the fact that there are still a good number of servers considering the small population of players. I feel like it'd make the game feel a bit more populated if there were less servers, condensing the population as well as reduce the amount of pay the game devs needs to keep servers running for it (or something like that). Another thing that I think could help is maybe revamping the way it looks even if its just a little bit. The game is very archaic in its graphics as well as its gameplay. Honestly though, I don't dislike the combat one bit, I feel like its different than the usual "action based real time action" MMORPGs that are advertised nowadays with few exceptions. If they reduced the amount of servers I'm sure there would be some cash on the side to at least work on making this game better and more modern. I feel if this game got a nice clean revamp then it could be a big game, especially for being a free online game. It could be a nice refuge for players who love the old style MMOs, but hate the subscriptions that follow big titles such as WoW and FFXIV (just to name a few). I've seen old fashioned MMOs be revamped in the past such as Ragnarok Online as well as Runescape (even though I honestly dislike RS3 and much prefer its older counterparts). However, with Runescapes revamp I've seen more of my friends wanting to at least try out the game and get into it. For the most part that's all I think that Mabinogi really requires, just for new players to tip their toes into the water and try it out.

    In conclusion, I very much enjoy this game but would love to see its population return. Although as I've repeated numerous times, I am by no way an experienced player nor do I know anything about managing an online game and/or company. I'm just a newbie speaking their mind. The game has more than enough content within it, it just needs a little more humanity in it I guess haha. I doubt anything will come from this comment but I thought I'd at least put myself in the community instead of just sitting back and having my "criticisms" to myself.

    Anyways, thank you all for reading my comment and I hope to maybe see some of you in game LOL
    Have a good day,
    EndlessClaineXD Travis

    (Oh and uhhh p.s. any like devs or whatever, could I get my name changed on this forum cos good lord if I ever want to be more active on here I AM NOT GOING BY "EndlessClaineXD". It actually hurts me internally, save me ; A ; )
  • GretaGreta
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  • AlexzoleonAlexzoleon
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    Cause i still prefer playing this game compared to other MMORPGs
    i played a lot of rpg games but still i find the concept of mabinogi much more enjoyable ........,,,
    till this date i couldnt find any other MMORPG that carry the same concept of Mabinogi , they arent even close...
  • InJectTheFluxPoisonInJectTheFluxPoison
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    i play mabinogi cuz am secretly in love with ferghus......and i want him to notice me.....
  • javon1193javon1193
    Post: 1
    I started playing mabinogi during a difficult time in my life. In and out of mental institutions, and troubled behavior. Was just a child, but I had been Expelled 5 times and suspended 73 The teachers union went on strike because of me one time. No one understood, and my mom could not take the heat. See, my mom was young when she had me, and my father was away most of my life, they did not get along. my mom had custody my dad would let me do what ever I wanted, he was a friend, not a father. my mom was the strict one, So, things got so bad my mom just gave up, and made my dad take me, and he lived in a different location than my mother. I couldn't see my friends anymore, and one invited me to mabinogi over Xfire, an app that dont even exist anymore lol..... Back when Iria was new? It was during a wishing tree event.

    I started playing mabinogi and it fell into an addiction. I would choose to play on mabi, instead of spending time socially outside, when i did have people who wanted to be friends with me, They eventually stopped trying, and forgot about me... it happens lol.

    I found out that I had invested my childhood into the game, I finally beat G2, and it was Soo fulfilling watching my character transform into a pali for the first time, that was back when you had to find NPC's players who match their description, the game was much more invested in the player I think, back then. Back when Eiry helped you out and told you how to do things.

    Exploring the caves for the first time, and stepping your first step in Giant land, the giants were like giant teddy bears, they derped for a while but I think there still doing just fine. Or finding that bridge in the forest, and watching it build itself I had to take pictures for the occasion, had to!

    Learning About final hit as a human, and discovering your learning a long lost sword technique that only 2 or 3 people knew it. and kelpie, a npc who lost his memory, and showing some of the elf queen's true colors.

    The quests, and story to this world was so rich, and Fulfilling. and playing music, even before bard skills were a thing, being able to compose and play songs you made, has always been a favorite pass time for me while im online these days.

    And it's not just player music, the BGM is freshly composed itself. The first time traveling Osna Sail, the music set the mood for fighting them wolves with little room to avoid them.

    And Often in the day's I would start a conversation with kelpie, with rainymood in the background to fall asleep to.

    Though, I've lost touch with mabi's new things, I've kinda lost track Demi-god. All this new stuff, and 2 new servers, yet, not as much people... I relax myself playing music in mabi around a random group of people, or friends, things have changed quite a lot.

    Chronophobia, Love, and Nostalgia.
  • PanPan
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    I don't play this game.
  • GretaGreta
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    Pan wrote: »
    I don't play this game.

    Thank god.
  • YuenSanYuenSan
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    edited February 6, 2019
    I play because I pray there will be that time when Nao gives me that freakin birthday gift so I can give her Rua's clothes. Seriously...just talking to her like a normal person is harder than any boss in this game and the ones I still haven't beaten yet. (Just let me talk to her during rebirth.)

    Now that I got that out of my system...I play because it's the first sandbox MMO I've ever played.