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NGS: Security Errors Unleashed

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edited November 26, 2020 in Technical Support
The Meow has started getting disconnects that occur in approximately 5 minutes after logging in, stating a security error being detected by NGS. It's not like there are any crossing processes ongoing, since the game runs normally after one or several restarts in the same environment. Unless some cloaked hacking is involved, that is, either for "good" or bad purposes (for instance, we know certain company does that occasionally to its products' users). The probability is at around 50%. The Meow also uses no add-ons, language adjustments or side trackers (e.g. damage tracking progs typical for MMORPGs). The other reason The Meow thought of was regional IP block, because he had already encountered it. Anyway, since The Meow is still able to play this wonderful game, another possible reason is a glitch created by one or several of the last updates that will hopefully be fixed with one of the next updates. Please provide any relevant intel.
Thank you for the attention.
P. S. A screenshot can be provided further if necessary. Yeah, I make those.


  • LovePandaLovePanda
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    I am having this issue Tonight. I get on and a few moments after I am automatically booted off the game getting that message from NGS stating "Security threat" I tried logging in again and the third time All my Key settings are blank and Inventory windows were all closed. I tried to open them and was Booted. What in the world is going on???? Nexon refuses to respond to tickets.