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Starting Class/Talents?!?


  • KouyioueKouyioue
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    edited June 14, 2017
    Dungeons got harder too. Last thing I remember is monsters regularly surviving more than two GUNSHOTS from of one of my chars with seven master talents in every dungeon(except math, which was kept weak for whatever reason) .
    Depends on how you'll be leveling, for sure.

    With elf archery, you're shooting two arrows per shot, which should keep deadlies from getting back up if you knock them down. Double Tap.
  • NilremNilrem
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    Well, if you still feel like reading this topic, here is a basic rundown of beginner talents and general choices.

    Any life skills: Don't touch these until you are strong in combat. They are mostly meant for late stat growth and crafting.

    Cleric: Don't start with this. Dedicated healers are rarely found until late game. Healing is a huge intelligence source though. Good for mages.

    Ninja, Puppeteer, and Gunner: These 3 talents all require a huge amount of stats to work in general combat. Do not start as these talents. To main any of them, you will need to train other talents before using them.

    Close Combat: Generally not a strong choice for elves, but humans and giants benefit a lot from the class, even if only for the stat gains. Close combat is very reliable and has a lot of dependable skills. Elves sadly lack a lot of strength needed for this talent though, but can still use it.

    Magic: Sure, elves must spend more AP for magic, but don't be against this choice. Magic can be extremely powerful early on, with any race able to benefit from it. Elves can also make great use of magic with their high mobility, keeping distance with ease, or even using meditation to keep elf hide active for an almost infinite amount of time.

    Archery: Elves may have this as a main class, but beware of a large fact. Archery is VERY difficult to train to a high level. In order to get a viable amount of power for archery, you will require high dexterity, which is primarily obtained from life skills. This means you will be required to grind out a ton of skills you might not even want to use to have decent damage with a bow.

    Battle Alchemy: This class gains power from HP, MP, and Stamina. This makes it stronger if used after some early growth, but the talent itself is strong enough to start with. However, it is also an expensive talent right away, due to having to buy alchemy crystals. Do not ignore alchemy though, the skills have a lot of great utility often desired by groups.

    Transmutation: The other half to alchemy, which might be better to not start with. But it can still be helpful early on due to the amazing utility skills like Rain Cast, which can remove monster aggro under it.

    Martial Arts: Any race is capable of using this talent, but it tends to suffer outside of 1v1 situations. The talent is fairly strong in the early game though, and can be fun for starting players.

    Music: Don't choose this, as nobody actually mains music. Music is often a mid to late game talent that becomes a "pocket talent" due to the Sing ability. Sing allows you to use musical buffs without an instrument at high ranks, allowing any talent to use music abilities. The only exception is when desiring to push a musical buff to the highest limit, which only instruments can do.

    Lance Combat: Elves cannot use this, but humans and giants often find great use for lances. This talent is often paired with close combat for maximum efficiency.

    Hopefully you find a nice talent to start out with. Just remember that you can change it at every rebirth. Mabinogi is a game with near endless growth, so feel free to take your time exploring these talents and growing your stats.
  • HimegaroHimegaro
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    Ok so, im an old player from 2005. I need to know.... Why so many changes? What's with the whole B.S. "Talents" thing and is it over all better now than....then?