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Repeal the dungeon revamp


  • DanievictriaDanievictria
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    Sherri wrote: »
    Monster CP broken too.. this is starting to really annoy me.

    I think the monster CP is the most broken thing. For instance, I've been running Albey with a fresh alt this weekend. This alt is a female elf, sure, but thanks to relentlessly training Windmill up to rank 6, she still has a decent amount of she's got a mace and a Magic School Uniform (F) I crafted with my human female alt, so she's decently equipped for her level. White Spiders are ranked as "Weakest" compared to her, and in the field she can take them out in, like, one shot and can't hurt her all that much. In the dungeon? Those "Weakest" White Spiders take three hits and just two hits from those things takes out most of her health! That's not "Weakest", that's at least equal (I've only been leveling Windmill and Production Mastery on her for the sake of keeping her CP as low as possible for training purposes, so she's a straight-up glass cannon right now), if not "Strong". As it is, none of the times I kill enemies in the dungeon with Windmill count for training except for the boss room gang thanks to this CP issue, and it's the same problem with my stronger characters: Dungeon Mobs hit nice and hard and can take quite a beating, but their CP rating doesn't match their strength, so no training credit for CP-dependent skills outside of the boss room.

    The worst case was when I tried to run Coill to complete the quest to unlock Blaze on my main. Spider enemies that were ranked "Weakest" were made of iron and hitting like freight trains. Enemies that were supposedly on par with my character or "Strong" were boss tier beasts who were taking my guy out in one shot. The un-changed CP ratings create a form of fake difficulty by lulling the player (especially newer players...and, I fear, most especially those who aren't seasoned gamers in any capacity beyond the odd puzzle game and/or just hack-and-slash their way through everything trying to speed-run on pure brute strength with no understanding of things like strategy or resource management) into a false sense of security that can cause them to become overconfident, let their guard down, and get wrecked...and still get no training exp. for your CP-dependent skills. Well, at least you have whatever gold and loot you managed to pick up before you got destroyed to comfort your battered soul.

    As for the training bit, sure, you could train in Shadow Missions, but finding people to run things at random can be basically impossible if the mission's not a daily, the missions that can be soloed while still throwing you enemies at the right CP rating can become tedious and repetitive after the 900th time herding freaking zombies or trying to put unconscious enemies together close enough to be in range of your pitiful-oars pre-rank 1 Windmill range (Windmill=Magicarp), and calling on friends or guild mates to help can be either awkward (I always feel like I'm imposing on whatever adventures they planned on for the day) or fruitless (no one on your friends list online). Plus, running back and forth to the mission board is a bit of a pain. Dungeons are instantly repeatable with layouts that change from instance to instance (Not just enemy or goal placement changing on a map that never changes, actual maps that vary from run to run, keeping things interesting), can be entered alone even if you're technically too low level (Say, you're finding your current toughest dungeon too easy, you can freely challenge yourself with the next toughest to test your mettle), and Normal difficulty can be entered easily so long as you have some Small *insert color here* Gems or other random junk in your inventory (I don't like dropping money, not even one gold, so I keep random junk on me for dungeon passes). Honestly, this game's dungeon crawling is a lot more fun than Shadow Missions. I hit the dungeons multiple times per day for treasure and adventure. I hit the Shadow Realm...basically, only when I can't find the enemies I need for training in the field or in the dungeons. Sad, but true.

    Honestly, the dungeons are my favorite thing in this game. Fixing the erroneous CP ratings on the dungeon mobs so that I can have my fun and train there effectively too would just make my day!
  • AlshianAlshian
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    Sadly they don't scale well with a monster's stats but only combat power alone which misleads players into thinking they were just a bunch of scrubs but only to have to much within the plate.
  • PolicromaPolicroma
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    edited July 31, 2017
    dra011 wrote: »
    Not everyone has that mind set thought not everyone can push foreword and work towards something so most new players will leave when it gets too hard for them unfortunately.

    Someone with the mindset that all content should be accessible right off the bat won't last long in ANY MMO. This isn't Skyrim.
  • WolfandWolfWolfandWolf
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    edited August 1, 2017
    I almost feel like they just added more health and added more strength to each of the monsters without affecting any of the monsters other stats, like CP. That's what really makes it terrible, and would easily mislead new players. :/
  • VinatiVinati
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    edited August 3, 2017
    Personally I don't mind the revamp. Though they should've made mangle advance passes as a brand new level dungeon or some sort + higher drops (like those radiant strings) for the high end level players.
    The only thing I dislike about the revamp is that now it's too hard to tame those high boss monsters such as.. New Gremlins, Banshee, Demi Lich.. RIP my journal entry and collection..
  • questionairquestionair
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    i dont care about drop rate or how hard the mobs are, i just want to be able to play with my friends, bring back the 8 people party limits!

    also (maybe make dungeons reward you like SMs do if your going to revamp after all a pecca run for 2m exp would be better then 1k exp from grinding the mobs)
    but again only the party cap matters to me!