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Why do you play Mabi?


  • NaxosNaxos
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,505
    Posts: 32
    Oh dear,

    Well I started to play the game because of the unique concept of having a character learn everything with enough time, and the fact the combat was rather tactical. I always enjoyed tactics and expérimentations, doing things in a way others dont.
    My experimentations drove me to get a pretty strange "Inside" view of the game, where I started to instinctively break down mechanics, and sequences to analyze and build my own tactics from it. It resulted in a kind of encyclopedic knowledge which I loved to share. I would remember "old ways" and advocate for them, even as others found cleaner, more efficient ways to proceed. Time was not an issue for me.

    The number one reason though ? My guild. I experienced the game with them, and through them, the people who taught me were in it, and the people I taught in turn joined it. My guild is central to the game for me, I was influencial in it for a long time as a pseudo lead, and am still appreciated in it, even as I serve no practical function in it now. Mabi always seems to attract very colorful personalities, the type of personalities that just makes the end of the day that much more enjoyable.
  • GhostmageGhostmage
    Mabinogi Rep: 230
    Post: 1
    i started playing around 2004.

    I use to be on 4-10 hours+ a day every day (2-4 hours when i was in high school/elementary, FYI i am 27 now), i would like to get back into mabinogi but been hard to find people to find materials for/with or even help with just basics.

    i made and had many friends in mabinogi, helped make and run guilds (stonekillers, Soulssect) and had a girlfriend that we had a relationship that lasted 5 years.

    i was even there for the "unofficial guild wars" back in the day.

  • YuoichiYuoichi
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,435
    Posts: 161
    Because I'm addicted to the fashion o.o
  • Rizen726Rizen726
    Mabinogi Rep: 420
    Posts: 5
    Hmm a very simple yet complex question. i enjoy the game for the extremely unique combat. no other game is really like it. The crafting everything is a lot better in this game vs any other game. Social grouping with players playing music. The fact you can add content from anime's is a HUGE plus. I wish you guys could do it more often. I think the nexon team isnt doing half bad. Its hard to call this game pay to win as well. Theres always events and all kinds of stuff going on. You have always adjusted the game in the right way in my opinion. I wish mabi could bounce back and be more widely known.
  • AbeniAbeni
    Mabinogi Rep: 415
    Post: 1
    I started playing playing Mabinogi back in 2006 or 2007. It was so lively and fun during those times...people everywhere & extremely social. Unfortunately, I lost that account with 80 pets because I was young & dumb and my account was linked to an ex boyfriend's email LOL...RIP expensive account. Anyway, I decided to come back to see all of the changes and new things to do on the game. I am a bit sad that everyone seems to be afk/not as social/empty, but I still get peace of mind when I play the game since I play it to not think about the real world and work :D. If anyone happens to be extremely bored, or lonely, or loves to talk/ramble then hit me up if you're on Tarlach. I don't have any friends anymore that play this game, but it would be nice to not feel so alone on it. Main is Abeni. It's weird going from having a 3k+ account to being a complete noob and still learning all of the changes over the past 10 years XD. <3 Thanks for reading my ramblings.
  • RoyaltyRoyalty
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,500
    Posts: 96
    I started playing Mabinogi in 2008, during the Beta stage. This game used to get loads of hype. I was introduced by my old high school friends so I hooked up by it. It was challenging and fun. I remembered the time where I paired up with other players through dungeons without going solo. There are many features that most MMORPG does not have during that time. Life skills, rebirths, and many more! The storylines used to be epic that related to the theme but it switched in and out. It really hard to find someone to speak to. I made plenty of friends, rivals, and my boyfriend but most are inactive. Nowadays, most people are afking and the server feels so empty; it is not what Mabinogi used to be.

    Why am I still playing Mabinogi for 10 years? Because it is the only game where I feel the connection through my character's journey, from being a noobie to senior. There's something about my character being special. I am getting rusty but I am still playing it at least not much to do. Mabinogi feels so outdated now and praying at least get some renovation of beginner's guide and hairstyles (who want those beginner's hairstyles?).
  • IVIanoloIVIanolo
    Mabinogi Rep: 315
    Post: 1
    I remember when i was i was in middle school....Emain Macha was new and we didn't have horses yet, Mabinogi was like a 2nd life fantasy anime life i loved to escape in(sometimes too much) but nonetheless i was captivated by the art, the freedom and the love the creators and developers put into this game. it truly is a game like no other. now in 2018, i am in college and out of curiosity and nostalgia i downloaded mabi again and the feeling it gave me many years ago is still there. This game is a gem and therapeutic for me, i live with depression and anxiety issues and mabi soothes me when im immersed in its world. i pray that this game lives on forever (and if it cannot due to arguably fall in popularity) please dont' let it be a surprise... thank you for all the wonderful memories i've had because of this game
  • dowiedowie
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,800
    Posts: 184
    I've already done everything I've wanted to do and the game really doesn't offer me anything new at all, but the only reason I currently even bother to log on is because my friend still plays it.
  • violetkittvioletkitt
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,670
    Posts: 57
    edited October 18, 2018
    Well, I'm an oldie that just happened upon Mabinogi cause MapleStory wasn't downloading on my Pc. At the time MapleStory was the game most gamers in the early 2000's were playing if not WOW. One day after another failed attempt of trying to install Maplestory a trailer for a new game popped up on the Nexon page. And I happened to stumbled upon Lorna and Pan Tutorial for their new game "Mabinogi". Now, these videos were so interesting and downright hilarious that I got hooked right off the back. But there was a slight problem, the game was currently in "beta" and wasn't going to be released until late February. So for the time begin, I played on the game "Trickster Online".

    During the summer of that year, I've finally was able to login to the game. From that very year to this I've had the grandest time enjoying the game from it's first events to it's newer updates, Like when we first obtained horses, the introduction to style tab, and the selection of a brand new race(s). But I didn't come alone on this journey, my twin sister as well has played alongside me and we've both have a love for this game like no other game we've played.

    I do hope that what anyone tells you about Mabinogi in general even with all the flaws, This game holds a very special place in our hearts.

  • SapphireYukiMewSapphireYukiMew
    Mabinogi Rep: 615
    Posts: 3
    I started my time on mabinogi in 2011, though I've made enemies who caused me to lose my accounts countless times, I've made as many friends who I cherish as well. I guess I still play because of how fun it is and my current and future friends I'll enjoy it with. I've even met my special someone because of mabinogi. And I can't wait to see what the future holds for the wonderful staff of nexon and the mabinogi community.
  • GrayStarGrayStar
    Mabinogi Rep: 315
    Posts: 5
    the only reason i keep coming back is the skill system instead of classes but i stay for the company otherwise !#$%@#$@#$$#%#@$$@#$#$%@##$@#$#$%#$$@#$#$%#$$@#$!$%#$@%#$%@#$#$%#!$$@#$%$%^#$$@#$%#%#$$@#$@#$%%%@$@#$$%#$%#$$@#$%$%^#$$#$%%$Y^&%^&%&^$%#$W$#$@#%$
    update old content or replace it dont just add new things on top, cant do it to the game then make a new version please
    spirit weapons meet erg, fashinogi meet 6 colourable parts per (new)clothing,giants still cant buy armour outside of physis but they can craft stuff in the hillwen mines,btw why dont hillwen and magic craft have there own talents-to few skills- just look at merchant
  • GiegueGiegue
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,975
    Posts: 215
    edited November 3, 2018
    When I was 14 I browsed Youtube, saw these amazing videos of someone playing music in Mabinogi and showing off gameplay and my child soul was drawn into this hellgame, thanks Reinforce. However, this was in July 2008, MabiEU hadn't been announced and MabiNA still had an IP Block for Europeans. I couldn't play.
    However in December 2009 I was alerted by a dutch friend that MabinogiEU had just opened a closed beta, and I managed to snag a code from a promotional website!
    I'd never really played an MMO before, but it wasn't long before I made a bunch of friends that, **9 years later**, I still speak to daily, and even hang with irl.

    Unfortunately, in 2012 MabiEU announced it would be ending it's services. We felt it was coming, NexonEU clearly didn't put effort into managing or advertising the game to it's fullest potential, and we believed the rumor that the Mabinogi EU team was made up of 4 people, and were pretty sure only one of them knew how the game worked. However, NexonNA opened it's doors to us in the wake of it all, and my friends migrated from Morrighan to Mari. (And then we crashed the server... oops)
    Meeting the NA community opened me up to even more friends, and we all were incredibly creative. About 2 years of us bonding over our love for this game and the characters we'd created through art and writing has left pleasant memories, even if most of them have put the game down to play other things. I still see them slide back into Mabinogi for a couple days. Kinda like visiting grandma. Me on the otherhand? I still play. Pretty casually due to life, but I still play.

    The Core game?: Outside of the memories this game has for me, I found the unique playstyle and freedom this game has is unrivaled by any other game on the market. Nothing holds up to what it offers. Though other, newer games are certainly more intuitive and fun nowadays, I always find myself going home to grandma when I get bored, and all with it's clunky fun.
    The Gameplay?: As someone who suffered from abysmal lag and was the weakest of my friends, I didn't enjoy the gameplay early on. However life skills gave me the oppurtunity to help my friends where i failed in combat. Now, I'm just grossly overpowered and the objective is to simply do enough damage to ignore most of the core mechanics that the game is based on. It feels... good, though. To finally be that strong.
    The Community?: I stuck with my friends, and had bad experiences with guilds, but Mabinogi has always drawn out a weird desire to interact with others. In the past, the towns swarming with players to a point where my Laptop pulled the trigger on itself was beautiful to see. Nowadays in Mabinogi it's heartwrenching to see the towns empty...
    The Setting and Story?: WHOEVER WROTE CHAPTER 6, I LOVE YOU. Yup, this is the one. I genuinely ADORE the Irish influence in Mabinogi, and the writing, although a bit... odd in places (Saga...) I find foreshadowing to future mainstream quests keep me eager for the next story update. I love the characters, I love that the story isn't rediculously nitty gritty but it's still capable of being dark, I love the personality that was given to the Milletian player's character and how it acknowledges the unbalanced, overpowered powercreeping nature of the player. It feels meta. I like meta. I feel like I can forgive the power creep based on the fact that it makes SENSE.
    My child?(!?): No, not an actual child. I'm talking about my Mabi character. This one's a little sad, not tragic, just... really pathetic. But one of the major reasons I keep playing this game is because I'm attached to my Mabinogi character. I've adopted her as an Original character, given her depth and character as a writer. I don't view her as my avatar but as her own character. She's looked nearly the same for 9 years. My goal in Mabinogi, currently, is to simply rank all of my skills to 1. This way I feel like I've completed her. Additionally, I wish for my writing to one day be aknowledged. I don't ever intend to seperate it from the Mabinogi universe to make it my own original works. It's my love letter to the series that held my hand growing up.

    In a Nutshell: I am attached to this game. Unbelievably emotionally attached. I get this weird empty feeling every time I complete the latest mainstream expansion knowing that it'll be a while before we see the next. All my old friends even returned to the game in the summer and we played for about 2 months before they put it back down for the next expansion. I want to support the game more! I hate Gacha but it's really the only thing I can do to support the game. I wish I could buy merchandise or something, but even if NA released merchandise, I'm european, and it probably wont ship overseas...
    I wish there was something I could do to actively support this game and keep it going for a little while longer.
    Giegue's baby pictures: This is when I bought her signature outfit on MabiEU
    Even in Maplestory 2 I play Mabinogi.

    9 years later she's just a little shinier: unknown.png

    Edit: Writing this post made me late for work.
  • PattyMacPattyMac
    Mabinogi Rep: 945
    Posts: 10
    I play for numerous reasons but as others have said, this game is different, the story is intense (imo), the skills are amazing. You don't even have to specialize in combat. Heck, I remember my first guild, the people who fought would supply me with goods and I kept their equipment enchanted and blessed by farming holy waters. Ah, those were the days. But honestly, back in the beta days, my life wasn't going well and honestly, I had hit rock bottom. This game was there for me when a lot of my friends either weren't or didn't understand my issues. I know its cliché but I owe my life to this game in a lot of ways, I feel like.
  • MiunaMiuna
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,705
    Posts: 53
    First time I found it... it was already around G3 in NA, tried it for a week with a friend and we totally loved it, I think at that time was the ability of playing our own music that seduced us, but we were from Europe so it was just that week that we played. Then we waited an eternity as we read rumours that it would make to Europe eventually and it happened. We played lots there but that awful management they had just killed the game for us. When we started in NA again was super refreshing, game was back to be what we wanted to play all day long. Then I just kept playing and playing, meeting new people, having good and bad experiences and eventually I met that one person that changed my life forever. So if I think about it... I think I just played it for many years just cus it felt good even during bad times. Now sadly I don't have too much time so I play it extremly casually but the world of Erinn is sort of the place that I always can come back and feel like home.
  • LiberateLiberate
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,360
    Posts: 142
    Played since closed beta back in January 2008, I remember the signup page and the trailer got me instantly hooked from how wholesome the game looked. I've never found a reason to stop playing even when the game is entirely different than how it was first started out as.

  • kirito87kirito87
    Mabinogi Rep: 310
    Post: 1
    edited November 4, 2018
    I like playing mabinogi because they sell bread ;V

    Hi Mom :V
  • LOLCanoLOLCano
    Mabinogi Rep: 885
    Posts: 10
    Because it's still receiving interesting content updates and is honestly better than the gearscore grind MS2 is.
  • TychickTychick
    Mabinogi Rep: 115
    Post: 1
    I started playing way back in the day because my cousin got me into it, but i've kept playing it for the decade since because i love the control you have over your character, both in terms of "class" being able to rank the skills you want to use through effort rather than the typical pick a class and level up shtick, and in terms of appearance, i've never seen a game with as wide variety of character appearances as i can see just idling in belvast. I also really like that the story and the world treats you like an important character while still acknowledging that you are one of many players.
  • lildragonlildragon
    Mabinogi Rep: 225
    Post: 1
    i just started last year and its very adventous and addicting and fun to play
    plus i love how u can create your own character so no one looks the same completely
    sure it may be hard in some areas but u just got to get strong and there are other people to help u for ideas how to beat bosses and things if ur stuck.
  • CeffCeff
    Mabinogi Rep: 225
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    I tried this game around 2009. I attempted to level, but after struggling with a dungeon I ended up quitting. Last year, I stumbled upon Mabi again. My thought was I never truly gave it an honest chance, and even convinced my partner to play along. We were met in-game during our tutorial levels by the nicest players I've met in any game. I quickly found that the game had changed, and leveling felt easier, and things were explained better than before. Because of this, it felt more inviting and ever since, I've been playing off and on when I can.

    Why do I play Mabinogi? I really enjoy how unique it is to other games. So much freedom, no pressure to level anything. The skills and combat are great. The events are fun! I loved the anniversary one this year! The fact you can dye stuff based on hex code makes it feel limitless, and I never see people look identical unless planned. The music stuff is awesome too. I enjoy listening to people play at the banquets.

    One of my favorite reasons to be in Mabi... is the rain. I love sitting somewhere quiet and just watch the rain fall. It's not much really, but so few games have a weather system, and I appreciate those little things the most.

    TLDR I play Mabinogi for its unique, social aspect and pixel'd rain. :D