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[KR] (Update) My Little Pet

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Update Page
Official Guide
News Page
*Google Translated
The Romantic Farm Pet Exploration Bulletin Board allows you to build an explorer with your pet and perform a variety of missions.
You can combine expeditions according to your pet's pet type.
Collect pets with different pet types to conduct expedition research and earn rewards.

[Guide] Waku Waku pet expedition! When you complete the quest, you can get a 'Romantic Farm Pet Exploration Board' item in the exclusive inventory.
-'Romantic farm pet expedition bulletin board' can only install one in the romantic farm.
-Inventory size is 2x2, install size is 1x3. The color is fixed at installation.

If you have a romantic farm level 4 and you are not a beginner character, you can install the 'Romantic Farm Pet Exploration Board'.
-If you lose an item, you can install it by spending the required materials (5 spikes, 10 wooden boards).

Pet mission through the installed pet expedition board. In other words, you can check the survey list.


It is paid according to the cumulative level of the character, and divided into general survey, today's survey, and special survey.

1. General Survey: 4 payments per day, basic rewards vary depending on time of execution.

2. Today's Survey: Blue Mark / General Survey One randomly designated survey of the day. / Hughes Lucky Bonus chance is guaranteed 15%.

3. Special Investigations: Red Marks / Probability that may not appear on the survey list. / Compensation is better because it takes longer than general survey.

Up to five surveys per day, including special surveys, will be issued and a new survey list will be issued at 7:00 am in real time.
-The same survey list as the ongoing survey can be paid.
-Once started or completed, surveys will not renew until 7:00 AM the next day.

Each character in the Mabinogi ID may have a different list of surveys that Pet Explorers can perform.
If you have more than 12 investigations in progress, you cannot send an expedition.

Your chance of success is determined by the number of pets you have selected, your pet type, and your stats.
You can select up to three pets per survey.

Pets under investigation / rest have behavioral restrictions until they complete investigation / rest.
-Can't be summoned, can't be accessed, can't be reborn, and can't be deleted

Right-click to lock a specific pet in the pet list.
-Locked pets are shaded dark and are not included on the bench with the auto-organization feature. Pets are placed in empty slots in the order of the pet list according to the pet type required by the currently selected survey.

-Buff icon now displays if the pet in the expedition slot has the type required by the survey.

-Debuff icon now displays if a pet in an expedition slot has an investigative penalty type. The type of pet you need depends on the nature of each survey. One pet can have up to four types and can also be found in the pet info window. Creature Status: Creature / Inanimate Flight Availability: Flight / Ground Size: Small / Medium / Large Appearance: Carpet / Spider / Car / Scooter / Cat / Dog / Horse / Cow / Seal / Fairy Bird / Sheep / Broom / Monkey / Fox / Deer / Dragon / Bear / Mimic / Ghost Elephant / Balloon / Snake / Penguin / Crab / Cloud / Alpaca / Rat / Pig Explorer -If you cancel an ongoing survey, fatigue will not accumulate. Pets with Fatigue 3 or higher can't conduct Expedition surveys. -When reincarnation of pets, resting in a romantic farm pet house, fatigue is reset to 0 starting at noon on Saturday. Fatigue resets to 0 after Saturday midday while the investigation is in progress. -Fatigue Pets moved to Sales Medal will now reset to 0.

You can check the status of the ongoing investigation through the pet expedition board.
[Cancel Investigation]

If you cancel an investigation in progress, you will not receive any reward, and the expedition will return.
-The canceled survey list will disappear from the list and you will not be able to resend the expedition to that survey.
[Investigation Complete] The Romantic Farm icon flashes when the pet expedition is completed and a system chat message is displayed.
You can earn basic rewards and additional rewards by completing each investigation that Pet Explorers perform.
1. Basic Rewards
-This is a list of rewards that can be obtained when the survey is completed.
-Get character experience, character exploration experience, pet experience, and gold coins.
-The exploration experience paid as a reward is not affected by bonuses such as items and skills of characters.
2. Additional Rewards

| Note |
1. Character server transfer is possible even during pet exploration / break.
-The exploration / rest status of pets set by the character who moved the server is canceled.
2. Pet server transfer is possible even during pet exploration / rest.
-During the exploration, if the resting pet is transferred to the server, the exploring and resting pet information is deleted from the character.
-Surveys that started before the server transfer can be completed even after the server transfer, but if all three animals are transferred, the survey is canceled.
3. Character and pet name changes do not affect pet exploration / relaxation.
-The list of rewards that can be obtained when the Hughes Lucky Bonus.
-Additional rewards will be based on the nature of each survey.

What is a pet house? This is a romantic farm fixture where you can rest your pet for a while and get rewards.
[Pet House Tour] You can check the pet house can be installed in the romantic farm, you can install only one by type .
(Example) Pet Houses of the same type cannot be installed together, such as Cloud Cushion Level 1 and Cloud Cushion Level 2 .
Different types of pet houses can be installed together, such as Tier 1 Cloud Cushion and Tier 2 Cat Tower.


The installed pet house can be upgraded in stages.
-When upgrading, the pet house in the previous stage disappears, leaving only the upgraded installations.
-If you remove the upgraded pet house, you will need to install it again from step 1.
The material is not returned when the pet house is removed after installation.
Pet House cannot be removed or upgraded while the pet is resting.
* Pet House Information
The installation / rest time is real time, even when you log out.
You can paint your pet house just as you would a traditional romantic farm installation.
* Relaxation system
You can rest your pet by clicking on the resting place of the pet house.
Only pets that can rest in the installed pet house will be listed.
Rest areas are marked with effects, and you can only rest your pet at that location.
The break progress is displayed at the bottom of the pet, and you can click on the resting pet to check the break progress or stop / complete the break.
When the pet is resting in the pet house, the Break Break button changes to a Break Complete button.
If you click the [Release Complete] button, you can get a Break Completion Reward and the effect will be lost.
* Resting effects
Pet houses receive different effects (buffs) for each seat they are resting while resting.
Resting effects are retained even after a break and you can rest.
In the same form as a romantic farm miniature, only the highest of the same stat effects is applied.
The romantic farm miniature effect and the pet house break effect overlap. (Romantic Farm Miniature + Romantic Farm Extra Miniature + Pet House Relaxation Effect)11141200.png



  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited November 22, 2019
    Reserved, too much data.
    * Relaxation Completion Reward
    Depending on the type of pet house, the reward for completing the pet will be increased and the fatigue will be 0.
    Cloud Cushion, Lawn: 30,000 Pet Experience
    Cat Tower, Stable: 80,000 Pet Experience
    Click the Romantic Farm button outside the Romantic Farm or press the hot key (U) to view the Romantic Farm Information.
    You can check the research project assignment information, pet break information, pet expedition research information, crop cultivation information on the farm.
    You can check the Farm Character Bonus Effect in the Romantic Farm.
    -Output all the effects of the current installation to see at a glance.
    Hover over the bonus effect with the tooltip to see the facility name and bonus value.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    What kinda dungeon is a cat tower?
  • IyasenuIyasenu
    Mabinogi Rep: 24,265
    Posts: 2,887
    So it's like Squires, but for all of your excess pets?

    That sounds kind of neat.

    Plus new homestead items like pet houses.
  • GretaGreta
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    Way better than Squires...
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited November 23, 2019
    So, some of the missions have animal type requirements?
    I wonder if out of all the pets I've got if I'm missing any types...

    Carpet... I wonder if Little Hoppers count as carpet-type pets.
    I mean, they're little humanoids normally but turn into a talisman that you ride on when you mount them.
    Spider, got one.
    Cart, yep
    Scooter, yup.
    Cat, a few.
    Dog, a couple. (I wonder if wolves also count)
    Horse, everyone gets one. Pegasi should count.
    Cow... maybe. I don't have a literal cow pet, but I wonder if Clover Gnu or Reindeer count as that. They DO "moo" after all.
    Seal, lots from events.
    Fairy, sprites and things like fallen/floral fairies should count. Imps also fall here under the spectrum.
    Bird, everyone gets a free eagle.
    Sheep, yes. Sheeptuplets also count.
    Broom, everyone gets one from Lorna.
    Monkey, yeah from events.
    Fox... I might not actually have one of those. I wonder if Ferrets count, since they share animations.
    Deer, Rose Wreath Deer from an event counts, I wonder if Spirit of Tuan falls under this or Horse.
    Dragon, yep.
    Bear, too many from events.
    Mimic, a normal 1-person mimic.
    Ghost, Alphie pet should count.
    Elephant, from the connous beach event.
    Balloon, ponies and hotdog pups.
    Snake, yep. I wonder if this counts other reptiles, like Geckos.
    Penguins, a handful from events.
    Crab... I don't think I have a single crab-type pet.
    Cloud, Nimbus oh boy.
    Alpaca, got it.
    Rat... I don't think so. Hedgehogs and Hamster should count, but I don't have those.
    Pig, Herb Pig should count, but so should the Golden Pig from that one event.

    So for me, I'm not sure I have a Rat, Crab, or Fox-type pet
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited November 23, 2019
    Oh I just looked into it a bit.
    Hoppers seem to count as Ghost-types, not carpet types.
    Lizard pets do count as snake-type.
    Hedgehogs and hamsters do count as rat-types.
    Clover Gnus do count as Cow-types.
    Ferrets count as foxes.
    And more.

    If you know the korean name of the pet species you want to see the type of, you can find a search box on the update page linked in the OP.

    I even checked crossover pets like Patrasche and Kokopo.

    Patrasche is Creature/Medium/Ground/Dragon types.
    Kokopo is Creature/Large/Ground/Bird types.

    I'm just glad they seem to be included in this system, at least enough to have typing attached to them.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
    Mabinogi Rep: 24,265
    Posts: 2,887
    Here's a list of the korean names of pets.
    Just copy and paste it over into google translate to get a decent enough idea of the pet.
    '갈색 코리안 숏 헤어'
    '갈색 푸들'
    '검은 고슴도치'
    '검은 도마뱀'
    '검은 물개'
    '검은 솜털 타조'
    '검은 양'
    '검은 유니콘'
    '검은 페럿'
    '경쾌함의 레토'
    '고급 마법 융단'
    '고깔모자 물개'
    '고깔모자 펭귄'
    '고깔모자 포니'
    '고대 사막 수호자'
    '고대 사막 전사'
    '골든 리트리버'
    '광명의 카트시'
    '교관 펭귄'
    '귀여운 잭'
    '그레이 하운드'
    '꼬마 강시'
    '꼬마 유령'
    '꼬마 유령 알피'
    '꽃 장식 미니어처 핀셔'
    '꾀돌이 잭'
    '나무 미믹'
    '노란 진돗개'
    '노란 코리안 숏 헤어'
    '노멀 저패니즈 밥테일'
    '니트모자 펭귄'
    '다루의 보송 스쿠터'
    '다루의 스쿠터'
    '다크 러시안 블루'
    '데저트 코브라'
    '돌아온 밀레시안의 유니콘'
    '떡갈나무 빗자루'
    '라이트 러시안 블루'
    '라임 스프라이트'
    '래브라도 리트리버'
    '러블리 리트리버'
    '러블리 보스턴 테리어'
    '러블리 샴'
    '러블리 스코티시 폴드'
    '레드 플레임메어'
    '레모티 플로라'
    '레인보우 스프라이트'
    '렛서 팬더'
    '마법 융단'
    '머플러 로브 진돗개'
    '메이드 스켈레톤'
    '무지개 근두운'
    '물놀이 뽀도동 뽀삐'
    '미니 곰'
    '미니 스켈레톤'
    '미니곰 웅'
    '미니어처 핀셔'
    '밀키웨이 근두운'
    '밀키웨이 스쿠터'
    '밀키웨이 아이스 드래곤'
    '밀키웨이 페가수스'
    '밀키웨이 하데스'
    '밤의 빗자루'
    '백곰모자 물개'
    '별빛이 담긴 근두운'
    '별빛이 담긴 루돌프'
    '별빛이 담긴 스쿠터'
    '별빛이 담긴 썬더 드래곤'
    '별빛이 담긴 아이스 드래곤'
    '별빛이 담긴 여우'
    '별빛이 담긴 청마'
    '별빛이 담긴 체스터'
    '별빛이 담긴 페가수스'
    '별빛이 담긴 하데스'
    '보닛 포니'
    '보더 콜리'
    '보송 알파카'
    '복슬복슬 빗자루'
    '북극 스켈레톤'
    '불꽃무늬 흰 거미'
    '붉은 눈의 케라우노스'
    '붉은 원숭이'
    '블루 플레임메어'
    '빙수 마차'
    '뽀도동 뽀삐'
    '뽀도동 포니'
    '쁘띠 엘리'
    '상어로브 물개'
    '새끼 멧돼지'
    '새끼 백호'
    '새끼 호랑이'
    '서정성의 지오'
    '세계수 유니콘'
    '셰프의 포장마차'
    '솜사탕 빗자루'
    '수호 거미'
    '순간이동 마법사 임프'
    '순간이동 마술사 임프'
    '스마일 잭'
    '스마일 펌킨'
    '스코티시 폴드'
    '시베리아 호랑이'
    '시베리안 허스키'
    '심술난 잭'
    '심연의 카트시'
    '심연의 하데스'
    '심쿵 피코'
    '싸리 빗자루'
    '썬더 드래곤'
    '썬더스패니얼 대플'
    '썬더스패니얼 화이트'
    '아델리 펭귄'
    '아이스 드래곤'
    '아프간 하운드'
    '알래스칸 허스키'
    '알로하 북극곰 웅'
    '알로하 하양 코끼리'
    '알비노 백호'
    '알비노 킹 스네이크'
    '앤틱 미믹'
    '앰블리쉬 썬더 드래곤'
    '앵그리 펌킨'
    '옐로우 스프라이트'
    '요정 플로라'
    '웨딩 블랙 러시안 블루'
    '웨딩 페르시안'
    '이상한 나라의 페럿'
    '장미화관 꽃사슴'
    '전투 페가수스'
    '정글 탐험가 임프'
    '지룡 파트라슈'
    '초록 도마뱀'
    '축제 훼방꾼 꼬마 강시'
    '축제 훼방꾼 알로'
    '축제 훼방꾼 여우님'
    '캥거루 쥐'
    '코랄 코브라'
    '코커스패니얼 미니'
    '크리스마스 물개'
    '크리스마스 알파카'
    '크리스탈 루돌프'
    '크리스탈 챠임 루돌프'
    '클로버 누'
    '클로버 돼지'
    '테슬 스쿠터'
    '투안의 혼'
    '파랑 코끼리'
    '파이어 드래곤'
    '판타지아 다루의 스쿠터'
    '판타지아 디나시'
    '판타지아 스낵마차'
    '판타지아 체스터'
    '판타지아 클로버 누'
    '판타지아 페가수스'
    '판타지아 피닉스'
    '판타지아 하데스'
    '핑크 체스터'
    '하얀 양'
    '하얀 진돗개'
    '하양 코끼리'
    '허브 돼지'
    '호박 유령 물개'
    '홍매 동자'
    '화산 탐험가 임프'
    '화이트 유니콘 플레임메어'
    '화이트 플레임메어'
    '화이트 피닉스'
    '황제 펭귄'
    '흥겨움의 알로'
    '흰 고슴도치'
    '흰 물개'
    '흰 솜털 타조'
    '흰 페럿'
    '흰 푸들'

    After checking a few more names, I learned that Treat Pumpkin/Treat Pumpkin pets both count as Inanimate/Small/Flying/Ghost types.
    Alto-type pets are Creature/Small/Flying/Fairy. I was kind of wondering if they counted as sheeps, since they kinda look wooly, but nope, fairies.
    Reindeer are Creature/Medium/Ground/Deer. So they count as deer (surprise surprise), and not cows. Even though they make moo sounds. :C
    Those snowman pets, like Lil Jack, are Creature/Medium/Flying/Fairy. So weirdly, even though they're made of snow they aren't Inanimate.
    Scooter Imps are Inanimate/Medium/Ground/Scooter type. So I guess the Imp driver isn't actually enough to consider this pet a living Creature, so it's still counted as Inanimate.

    Honestly, the google translations of some of these pets are kind of hard to parse, so I'm not gonna try to make a list of every pet.
    Most of them are obvious, at least on the pet-type category. But with this list you can check on some of the more iffy ones, at least.
  • WolfsingerWolfsinger
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    Huh....this seems kinda cute actually
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
    Mabinogi Rep: 64,220
    Posts: 8,873
    Oh I can stop deleting junk pets because now they will actually be useful for something?
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Posts: 2,887
    To recover from stress/tiredness build from being sent on expeditions, pets must rest on the designated homestead pet rest decorations.

    Each rest object has pet size or type restrictions, showing which pet(s) can rest in them, and each one can be leveled up to be better, generally providing extra room for pets to rest on the same object.

    When pets are resting, those objects will confer stat bonuses to the player, kind of like those homestead figures.
    Google translate makes it seem like the bonus is given per pet that's resting. Which would mean the bonus could be quite nice if all slots are filled with resting pets.
    Of course it also means that there's not bonuses when no pets are resting.
    Pets that are resting can't be summoned/rebirthed/etc, just like when they're sent of on expeditions.

    Here's some pictures of pets using the rest objects, placed under spoiler tags to save space.
    Cloud Cushion, usable by Small sized pets.
    Level 1 Effect: Fits 1 pet. +2 Str
    Level 2 Effect: Fits 2 pets. +2 Str, +10 HP
    Level 3 Effect: Fits 3 pets. +2 Str, +10 HP, +5 Dex
    Level 4 Effect: Fits 4 pets. +2 Str, +10 HP, +5 Dex, +1 Music Buff Effect

    Cat Tower, usable by pets that are Small/Ground/Cat types. (no dogs allowed, also no big tigers)
    Level 1 Effect: Fits 1 pet. +2 Dex
    Level 2 Effect: Fits 2 pets. +2 Dex, +15 Stamina
    Level 3 Effect: Fits 3 pets. +2 Dex, +15 Stamina, +5 Luck
    Level 4 Effect: Fits 4 pets. +2 Dex, +15 Stamina, +5 Luck, +2% Critical Damage

    Medium Pet Pasture, useable by Medium sized pets.
    Level 1 Effect: Fits 1 pet. +2 Int
    Level 2 Effect: Fits 2 pets. +2 Int, +10 MP
    Level 3 Effect: Fits 3 pets. +2 Int, +10 MP, +5 Will
    Level 4 Effect: Fits 4 pet. +2 Int, +10 MP, +5 Will, +1% Critical Damage.

    Stable, useable by Medium/Horse pets.
    Level 1 Effect: Fits 1. +2 Will
    Level 2 Effect: Fits 2. +2 Will, +15 HP
    Level 3 Effect: Fits 3. +2 Will, +15 HP, +5 Strength
    Level 4 Effect: Fits 4. +2 Will, +15 HP, +5 Strength, +5 Magic Attack

    Large Pet Pasture, useable by Large sized pets.
    Level 1 Effect: Fits 1. +5 Int
    Level 2 Effect: Fits 2. +5 Int, +3 Max Damage
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited November 23, 2019
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Thanks for the assist!

    KR video shared on discord:
    (English Subtitles in the options.)

  • GretaGreta
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    Wow this is very nice. Now i'm worried about my small Homestead space. I wish i could buy those 3 expansion coupons...
  • GypsySpiritGypsySpirit
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    This is needed badly just for the cute homestead props.
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    Greta wrote: »
    Wow this is very nice. Now i'm worried about my small Homestead space. I wish i could buy those 3 expansion coupons...

    I already used all three, and my homestead needs help. It's still too full for all that. XD
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited November 25, 2019
    Oh, I just noticed.
    This ongoing Attendance Event has a Wonderland Ferret Whistle as a prize. I didn't notice because I was too distracted by all the mini gems and the piano at the end.
    But those will make it be so that everyone doing this event will get a Fox-type pet.
    Specifically a Creature/Small/Ground/Fox type.
    Of course that extends to the Black and White Ferret pets available in the Web Shop pet bundle, but this one's gonna be free for everyone doing this event.
    Now I just have to hope for a Rat and Crab type pet.
    Actually... there are very few Crab-type pets, aren't there. What are there, like, two?

    Then again all this info on pet types is fun and all, but it's better used alongside info for the mission requirements themselves.
    A very obvious observation is that it's probably convenient to have a collection of pets that cover a wide array of types.
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited November 28, 2019
    (KR) Test Server public testing of modification of Pet Content is in the works.
    Update Notice
    -(New!) a dedicated Pet Slot has been added.
  • PolicromaPolicroma
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    Pet hotkeys? Well that's about a decade overdue...
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Policroma wrote: »
    Pet hotkeys? Well that's about a decade overdue...

  • GretaGreta
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    That should have been added at least 3-5 years ago...

    Also i hate the new extra hotkey set we got. It's too useless for me because i still need to find the damn time to click buttons to switch hotkey bar and then also go trough all the hotkey sets to finally find the needed one. It's so dumb that i don't even bother to use it and have removed it out of my sight the very first day it came out.
  • SherriSherri
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    I don't have any room for any of those new HS items, even with a Lvl 15 HS..