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How do freestyle jams work

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I've looked all over for answers but even the Wikia did have this in it.

Is the amount of combos you can get random? Sometimes it gives me one line of AWSD combos and then ends the jam, sometimes it allows me to try 2, 3 and very rarely 4. I've tested landing different levels of great for the initial F1 thing and it seems totally random.

I just want to know if I can increase the abiblity to be offered 3 combos, because I find the quest requirements very annoying for getting 3 combos if I'm usually only offered between 1 and 2. Thanks!


  • HelsaHelsa
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    Unless you're one of these super-typists, I think, you just have to wait until RNGesus smiles upon you and you get some easy sequences.
  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    there is about 10 seconds between each combo so if you count to 10 after each combo ends it usually helps. combos are random but they all appear one after another every 10 seconds. I think I have gotten a combo as high as 20 before but most of the time I get 15 or less. the number of combos that will appear will also depend on the length on the song you are playing. so I would suggest using a really long score scroll like the ending song for Spirited Away at rank 1 for example. a song like that would give you more then enough chances to reach 5 combos.
  • NovancyNovancy
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    ty for the reply Helsa! i dont have an issue getting combos, I have an issue being offered combos before the jam ends ^^

    OH, ty Negumiko!
    I didn't realize the length of the song was the issue. I totally didn't even think of that, so silly of me. I never use score scrolls when I do them for quests. Now I know XD