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Summer's Salutations Screenshot Contest

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Hey Milletians!

Spring came and went so swiftly, that Summer is already approaching! To get into the season, we'd like to introduce our Summer's Salutations Screenshot Contest!

Submissions Open: Monday, June 12 at 12 PM PDT
Submission End: Monday, June 19 at 12 PM PDT
Voting Open: Monday, June 19 at 12 PM PDT
Voting End: Wednesday, June 21 at 12 PM PDT

Contest details:
Show us your Summery Homesteads while we transition out of Spring!
Provide a text entry about your homestead, how it relates to summer, or any nostalgic memories you have about Mabinogi in the summertime season

How to Enter:
Please submit your screenshots and captions, along with your in-game name Discord name, in this thread!

Submit a screenshot of your Mabinogi Homestead while you get into the Summer Seasons!
Provide a text entry about your homestead, how it relates to summer, or any nostalgic memories you have about Mabinogi in the summertime season!

To take nicer screenshots, you can use CTRL+N to hide names, CTRL+P to hide parties, and the \ button to hide the UI.

Judging and Voting: Submissions will be voted upon by moderation team, Nexon employees, and myself.
Creativity and Uniqueness - 60%
Appropriate Theme - 40%

Three (3x) Grand Prize Winners receive 45x Open Ocean Boxes
Ten (10x) Runners-Ups receive 11x Open Ocean Boxes

Winners' posts will be posted in a follow-up thread!


If you're not already here, join our Mabinogi Discord to chat with fellow Milletians, participate in future contests, and more! :


  • ZaineZaine
    Mabinogi Rep: 430
    Posts: 4
    Obviously nothing says summer more than fishing. Mabinogi and fishing is probably one of the most nostalgic things to me about this game to me. I remember setting up my character to afk fish countless days for rare equipment and eventually getting my first rank 1 skill fishing.
  • LiberateLiberate
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,360
    Posts: 142
    Relaxing in the summer breeze as I sit upon the step of my tree house, all the while getting a gorgeous view of the garden.

    IGN- liberate
    Discord- .liberate
  • DogyyblueDogyyblue
    Mabinogi Rep: 510
    Posts: 3
    As spring transitions into summer, the snow from winter gradually melts away due to rising temperatures. The increasing warmth of the sun causes Summer to come! With the Summer heat brings new Friends to the spas! Even if some want to stay in the tub.image.png

    IGN - dogyyblue
    Discord - dogyyblue
  • ZaineZaine
    Mabinogi Rep: 430
    Posts: 4
    Zaine wrote: »
    Obviously nothing says summer more than fishing. Mabinogi and fishing is probably one of the most nostalgic things to me about this game to me. I remember setting up my character to afk fish countless days for rare equipment and eventually getting my first rank 1 skill fishing.
    Forgot ign and discord
    IGN - Thyme
    Discord - thyme_
  • MizukoMizuko
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,315
    Posts: 309
    On a hot summer day, I hoarded a lot of water-based homestead chairs that I had a hard time figuring out which one is better for the character to swim in the water. Instead of getting into the water, I decided to relax on the island, surrounded by water and snow. A mix of hot temperatures and a blanket of snow makes a nice cool wind for my character to relax and take a nap.

    IGN: Darkwaterfury
    Discord: worthyx
  • ZaylinZaylin
    Mabinogi Rep: 870
    Posts: 3

    When I think of my homestead, I think of the countless summer days and nights that I have spent in it with my guild and closest friends. It was always a safe and comfortable place for all of us to hang out, play music or just chat for hours. We had numerous unforgettable memories created in it.

    IGN: Zaylin
    Discord: Zaylin#6289
  • IriisiaIriisia
    Mabinogi Rep: 820
    Post: 1
    edited June 14, 2023

    Everyone knows that with summer comes hot days that make us want to enjoy them
    and just be lazy in the shade of trees, enjoying the coolness of ice cream or pleasant water during vacations.
    When I designed my Homestead, I couldn't miss such a place!
    That would perfectly reflect this state for moments of relaxation on hot summer's days!
    And then this BBQ...with r1 cooking in evening time...Yummy!

    IGN: Iriisia
    Discord: aki.kaze
  • FionaMoonlightFionaMoonlight
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,000
    Posts: 43
    Do you know what's best in summer? A Summer Board Game with friends!!!

    This is a board game I created in my homestead and I usually play it with some guildies and friends~ It's very fun and surely the best game to play during summertime! For this contest, I decided to redecorate it a bit to give off the summer vibes :sunglasses:

    Some of these people are definitely not partners-

    IGN: Pionya
    Discord: amantheats
  • AmarazAmaraz
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,985
    Posts: 285
    edited June 16, 2023
    After a whole night walking through the Connous Desert, I finally find my oasis. The summer's heat is strong during daylight, but absent at night... I should make a fire to keep the summer heat with me throughout the bitter night.

    Discord: amaraz
  • LavuLavuLavuLavu
    Mabinogi Rep: 720
    Posts: 3
    edited June 16, 2023
    IGN: Lavuda
    Discord: Lavie

    In the summer we like to play in the kiddy pool
  • Black_Iris788Black_Iris788
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,105
    Posts: 20
    Incominggggg!!!! Out of my wayyyyy!!!! X(



    What fun is summer without a little splash and a big crash? Nothing beats a minor misadventure in the summer sun. I hope you can swim, because nothing's stopping this raft! (LITERALLY.) #HS River #Rafting #Totally unintentional #Accident #RIP camera guy #Oof

    IGN - Saruvia
    Discord - please DM me
  • MeyMey
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,735
    Posts: 84
    edited June 17, 2023
    It's summer time which means it's time for fun in the sun! Fun times camping, meeting up at the old childhood treehouse, and bike rides, also can't forget strolling through the sunflower fields! No summer is complete without sunflowers c:

    IGN: Meyki
    Discord: Meyumii
  • KareziKarezi
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,265
    Posts: 5
    edited June 18, 2023

    My hot summer homestead consists of the Little Island Getaway and the Kalliste Pool Villa. It's a bit hard to see but I also have a grill and a table out for a lovely outdoor barbecue. Both of my friends who I've taken this screenshot with have a winter and spring themed homestead respectively, so it was a pleasure to invite them over for this event!

    IGN: Kelphae
    Discord: lalondalot
  • HikuninHikunin
    Mabinogi Rep: 320
    Post: 1

    Summertime! Just spending time watering and taking care of my flowers!

    IGN: Hikunin
    Discord: hikunin
  • SakuramokonaSakuramokona
    Mabinogi Rep: 730
    Posts: 4

    In the summertime I'd like to be under the sea!

    IGN: matchacco
    Discord: matchacco
  • LycheeLychee
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,085
    Posts: 12
    edited June 19, 2023

    Summer camping is full of making memories and taking pictures. From singing around the campfire to hitting the lake, we want to capture all the memories of our greatest moments in mabinogi. Friends, let us pray our chef is cooking the food properly this time. Hopefully there's a toilet nearby... let's just say some of us aren't good at digging a hole and aiming. Be considerate and clean up after yourself. Hey, did you just steal my smores?!

    IGN: Matcha
    Discord: Matchasmoothie
  • JobibiJobibi
    Mabinogi Rep: 820
    Post: 1
    edited June 19, 2023

    The best part about summer is camping! Reading late into the cool breezy night by the crackling fire, air full of the soothing sound of crickets and cicadas, while fireflies dance through the trees. As the fire dies out, you can stare up at the stars and contemplate your (fantasy) life.

    IGN: Rynn
    Discord: rynnabunna
  • CestlavieCestlavie
    Mabinogi Rep: 650
    Post: 1
    edited June 19, 2023

    Summer festivals are fun to be part of. Watching other people enjoy, being part of the community.

    IGN: Sly
    Discord: 욕쟁이 할머니 (antinomy_)
  • LordtuneLordtune
    Mabinogi Rep: 510
    Post: 1

    The site of many pool parties to come! I wanted to create a place my friends and guildies could come together to use all our water themed toys. Whether its lounging in the pond or swinging from a tree, my summer homestead is the place to be! :3

    Come by for a visit sometime!

    Discord: Funkay14
  • DarkhixDarkhix
    Mabinogi Rep: 520
    Posts: 3

    For my summer homestead I wanted it to represent my thoughts and experiences with mabinogi, it was always a game that I held a special place in my heart, it was something I could come back to, sit down and enjoy grinding the content that the game offers as I remember my past summers grinding away leveling up my life skills and commercing. The homestead also reflects how the fruits of your labor shines during the summer as it was the time for all the plants and flowers blooming in my area as I do gardening and landscaping projects on my family's acreage house throughout the year.

    IGN: Hikka90
    Discord: DuckusQuackus