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♥ A Sleepy Wolf's ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ Chibi Shop ♥

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edited December 16, 2017 in Art Creations
CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS! I'll be back next year!

~ ❤ Welcome to A Sleepy Wolf's TEMP Chibi Shop ❤ ~

°˖✧ ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ✧˖°

Alrighty, I'm back and I wanna do chibis this time! I'll be accepting gold, NX, or USD via PayPal or Ko-fi~♥. PP is preferred to NX if you have the option. I've got 2 types of chibis I've been working on for you all to chose from and with a blinking option!

*Blink option is available for all styles.
*You can also pay for blinking separately with a different payment method if you need to.
*If you order a blink you will receive a blinking GIF version and a static non-blink PNG image.
*Multiple orders is OK!


✧ Prices: ✧
Mini Chibi = 4m | 12k NX | $12.00 USD
Big Chibi = 5m | 18k NX | $18.00 USD

Blink add-on = 500k | 2k NX | $2.00 USD
IGN & Server:
Chibi Type:
Blink: Yes/No
Character References:
Pose Ref/idea: (optional)
Additional details/notes:
Form of Payment:
Items for Art:
I don't really know prices so if anything's off just pm me~

Homestead Garden Work Benck = 1.5m credit each
Black Holy Feather Wings = 15m credit
Laighlinne Metal Heel Greaves 4m credit
Magic Academy Robe for Seniors (F) = 15m credit
✧ PAYMENT & Process ✧
*Commissions will be sketched and shown before proceeding with lineart and color. Feel free to ask for any changes during these stages!
*Payment is required after approved sketch. You can also send it earlier if you want, but only if you are in the current slots please!
*Payment can be a mix of gold, NX, or items if needed.

Meet up with check, request a junk mail sent to you, or simply mail check to me. Gold transfers are OK!

If buying with NX, I will need the code messaged to me privately via Tumblr, Discord, Twitter, DA, or Skype, etc.

PayPal.Me or Ko-fi~♥ or if you want a PayPal Invoice send me your email privately.
IGN: Okamixdimsum (Tarlach)
Skype: Okamixdimsum
Discord: °˖✧Okachi (Kim) ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ✧˖°#2541
✧ Rules ✧
*Please do not remove my watermarks.
*For personal use only, no commercial use.
*Do not heavily trace or edit my art.
*Please be nice and let's have fun!
Thank you for reading~ ♥

°˖✧ ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ ✧˖°
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