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A Pet Inventory Organizer

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I got tired of opening up all of my pet's inventory to organize them because there's a 1 minute cooldown. However I got hit in the head with a light bulb during this struggle and got a good idea; a pet inventory organizer! It's basically like the bank except you can't transfer stuff from pet/partner to character; it's only from pet/partner to pet/partner, you don't have to make a new NPC for this, just use the bank.

Why is this a good idea? Well, for many old players like me, we have somewhere a little over 10 pets or maybe about 100, so the idea organizing our stuff without waiting for a minute seems like a great idea because as it stands, all of my pet's/partner's inventory looks like a college student's dorm room.
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  • XeekTheMightyXeekTheMighty
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,505
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    I like it. But they should just let use pet storage on the fly. Or just a way to search.
  • ShugshugShugshug
    Mabinogi Rep: 570
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    I agree there should be a better way to organize pet's inv. At least a way to search for an item without having to check every pet. What I do now is use the "set note" to label my pets inv. (Example: Foot Wear, or Weapons or Outfits ect)This helps but I usually still have to search thru several pets to find a particular item and after about 6 months of needing to get stuff out of my inv quickly things become a mess again and have to be re-organized. Plus if you play on a new pc or like in my case, my hard drive had to be replaced, now all my labels "set notes" are gone and I have to re-label all my pets. D: