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losing my mind on a g10 quest

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in "obtain the rare book," A g10 quest part of "collect clues regarding goddess neamhain," wiki says hit 7 switches. the wiki map shows the 6 I have found. I always carry extra arat berries, and I have been up and down the entire city of Tara and borders and cannot find switch #7, this is very disturbing. I have been looking for almost an hour. bug?


  • downbookdownbook
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    edited July 6, 2018
    If you are looking at the wiki map, the player icon (the white dot) might also be a switch, from what I seen from a video of player doing the mission.
  • LinisterLinister
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    that's where you start, where there was a chest of arat supply, no switch there but will try again, finally gave up searching

    UPDATE: on 2nd attempt yes there was a switch at the initial entrance, it was either that or the nost northern switch that was missing 1st try, I guess I should have just restarted but was being stubborn last nite. thank you