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  • Hello. Unfortunately there are no conclusive winners for last month's Nao idol. Please do not hesitate to send your feedbacks at Even if you know someone is being nominated already, send your feedback about them …
  • [Nao Idol June 2019 winner - Raugan] Congratulations to Raugan for winning Nao Idol! These were the comments shared about them! --- "They have been super active in creating public girg raids, and hosting avalon raids. Overall a very pleasant …
  • Hello, sorry for the late notice but I'll be cancelling the **Tarlach Meetup** and **Tarlach Timeline**. The GMs should have gotten good screenshots of our community already anyway. Please continue to submit your entries at…
  • [Tarlach Idol April 2019 winner - Congress] Congratulations to Congress for winning Tarlach Idol! These were the comments shared about them! --- "Always super helpful and willing to stop what hes doing to help anyone in the game" "He's super…
  • *[Tarlach Idol March 2019 winner - Tsunasan] Congratulations to Tsunasan for winning Tarlach Idol! These were the comments shared about them! --- "They have always been proactive in helping out new and old players alike. Friendly, always joking…
  • Hello, just an update that the survey form for Tarlach Idol has changed. Please submit feedback to moving forward. Thank you!
  • Greta wrote: » I'm actually surprised that someone participated in this. Well marketing the contest could have definitely been improved. There wasn't a lot of hype built around it. We could have gotten more entries. Unfortunately I haven't had …
  • Hello everyone! I'd like to announce the winners of the Guild Recruitment Video Contest! I am glad that this activity has inspired amazing works in our community. The following guilds have put incredible quality and creativity into their video su…
  • Hey, this event is concluding soon. Please let me know if you're planning to enter the contest so we can delay the deadline a bit if needed.
  • Just bumping this. The deadline is still set to March 18, 2019. But if you're planning to submit something and you need more time, let me know.
  • [Tarlach Idol February 2019 winner - Siniavokaja] Congratulations to Siniavokaja for winning Tarlach Idol! These were the comments shared about them! --- "Because, unlike some people in Tarlach, she's a really good leader and my best friend for…
  • Oh. Should it just be cash rewards then you think?
  • Congratulations to Berlettes for winning January 2019's Tarlach Idol! These were the comments shared about them! "Letty runs are good runs. Letti is a really great person" "Reliable and is always willing to not be bad for me." "Great player, fu…
  • Hello, at this time the prize for this has been modified to 25k NX. Thank you.
  • Hello! Just for last month we've picked two winners for December 2018's Tarlach Idol. Let's congratulate Redstar118 and Runecleaver!
  • Thank you everyone for attending the picture taking, gift exchange, and trivia! For those who missed it, here is what happened! For some raw pictures you can view the folder at…
  • Hey everyone! Who do you admire in Mabinogi? Let us know! Submit an entry at You can vote for multiple people
  • Let's congratulate Baiyu for winning November 2018's Tarlach Idol!