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All is not yet lost. I still recognize some of the names in the forums :)


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"...Guard your throats and hide your eyes. He's not dead, you fools. Legends never die" - A. G. Howard *RoseBlood*
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I want custom avatars.


  • Infinite summon time is not going to happen, unless it's some pet you have to pay like $500 for, because they make more money off you buying more pets because your summon time ran out.
  • iMattxC wrote: » CoolAid wrote: » Its been a few years since I joined the forums why doesn't this version have custom avatar icons is nexon understaffed to moderate it or code it? Yes I tried to use forums search engine but its garbage so IF …
  • I've gotten fountains, but no backdrops or carpentry benches.
  • That's not a boat, it's a hat. And coyotes? Oh, no. How ever will we survive. Edit: Also, another silly video:
  • There's not enough information for me to know which character I should use, so I can't really start the event. How much space do the purses take up in inventory? Can purses and/or whistles be sold? Can purses be traded between characters on the same…
  • Greta wrote: » The event got extended? Well i'm not complaining, more HS stuff for me. It was broken for a bunch of people.
  • Ena wrote: » plz take out that bachram boost it is so annoy as -removed- Please do not dodge the language filter. Not nearly as annoying as hitting a new potential level, or whatever it's called. Especially when it happens while you're in a big…
  • Remember when you could ride NPC mounts, as was originally intended? Good times.
  • Greta wrote: » Traveling around Erinn on pet is a good thing to do once in a while. You never know what you will uncover and also you might learn a thing or two. Maybe you will even find a favorite spot to hang out/afk. This is true. There are…
  • Blankeye wrote: » WolfandWolf wrote: » Ok, I don't mind Talvish and like his character, but for some reason the idea of him bunny hopping onto the screen and then dancing at the end makes me very very scared. Let Him Dance Altam is goi…
  • I'm still kind of grumpy that they changed female giants. The changes to the guys was a big improvement, but the changes to the gals just made them look more like humans instead of making them look better.
  • Is that mold on my cheese bread? /eats it anyway. If I die, tell my family I love them.
  • Leinei wrote: » @DonPatch I've never heard of that one. Another good set were Lunar and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. =3 YESSssss!
  • ookie wrote: » shear sheep with there's a There are some pretty interesting things you can sheer sheep with, but probably the best was the event basket that we've had a few times
  • I remember the pain of having to make wooden boards. It used to be a lot harder to get them as drops, and they didn't come from dailies before dailies existed, of course, so I specifically ranked blacksmithing so I could make iron bars Even nails…
  • Sherri wrote: » Ah yes, the event of humans KS'ing everything with FH. Welcome back. This human is windmilling everything with a 2h, while my pet distracts them. With FH, badges tend to start disappearing before you've killed everything.
  • Sherri wrote: » guys im scared Mari channel 2 is completely empty nobody is in Dunby or Belvast (ok well like 2-5 ppl) is everyone really that salty over that interface reset? What?...I've missed something, I guess. What reset, when, wh…
  • KelpSoda wrote: » oh so i can just mod my 2006 car into a 2019 ferrari? thx for letting me know mate If you're willing to spend millions on reforges, you probably could. Then you could complain when they come out with Tesla cars that have a…
  • It can happen with commerce transports too, where you see a wagon and horses but they aren't really there.