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  • WolfandWolf wrote: » Speaking of blended bodies, those occasional magically dislocating arms xD Then poor giants get magically dislocated everything... lmao Does this still happen?
  • ShireAccel913 wrote: » I get really bored of my main's appearence. Some days ago, i saw here a crossdressing threat. It was very funny. So i want become a REAL trap now, so i need... dresses, cute shoes, clothes with skirts, cute clothes if ade…
  • Felice wrote: » The disappointing thing is that the game's age is showing very badly. I agree, though I always found the PS1/N64 graphics endearing. I kinda wish they'd update the human/elf models like they did with giants. I'd love some more d…
  • WolfandWolf wrote: » ....drowning in dyes ;~; Jesus CHRIST on a stick, I thought the gachapon would be like 2x2 item of a stack of 10, not 1x1's. Me after realizing I have 2 more fantasia pets:
  • dra011 wrote: » Well look at the upside you won't have to buy dye for awhile. Can any of them be used in dye synthesis, like some previous events where they were timed too?
  • Leinei wrote: » Also, if it wasn't such an old game, I would think Lunar/Lunar 2 would be a good idea for a cross-over. I realize this is a comment from a couple months ago, buuuuuut... I wish this could become a reality too. I absolutely LOVED…
  • Grea wrote: » I see my cousin posted, so here's mine I guess. God, that Jagged Miniskirt was a pain in the booty to save up for when I first wanted one.
  • TheDumbOne wrote: » i love the tanuki/raccoon tail... too bad the tanuki tail only comes with the female anju outfit..... the tails i LOVE to see in the game- (i never use them tho) -lizard -bird tail (for all you wing lovers who miss match s…
    in why tail Comment by Bippi May 1, 2017
  • Kryo wrote: » Laaame, well I hope it comes back or becomes something we can buy with Pons. :c I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Gachapons always make returns, so I bet it'll happen sometime this year too. Maybe even a "Fresh Summer Look" event (like last…
  • Shoog wrote: » Bippi wrote: » Yes, I like to fight alongside my pets. They're very helpful for me against multi-aggro involving archers/mages with the right click attack command! (or if you can set the A.I. that way to target long distance enemi…
  • It seems it was only available by chance during these dates: October 5, 2016 - October 25, 2016. Under the Erinn Beauty Box page, it talks about the revamped version at the bottom, so since that hair is in that list, I can only assume it was hard…
  • Humiliating wrote: » Your staff will function regularly when you transform it. The UBW scroll is only for the Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works weapons such as the Gaebolg, Enuma Elish Ea, Caladbolg, and Excalibur. You will need the find…
  • Personally, as a veteran (moved from Tarlach), I'm way more appreciative of the memories I've made with the game than I am being mad at it for not advancing to be up to snuff. I felt the same way as I did with Nexon's Maplestory in that I simply out…
  • ^ Yeah, I also tend to just forget to keep tabs on things when it comes to dates/time. I once burned a tea kettle... So, I ended up getting a permanent squirrel tail for myself and I really like it. I think the Homecoming is helping the prices lo…
  • On the plus side, Detective gear will go down in price. I put money into 2 stacks and came out with so-so results. I mean, I figured if one can make back whatever the Mil-per-x-amount-of-NX ratio, it's kinda worth it. That's the positive I see i…
  • FayeKaiba wrote: » Bippi wrote: » Cyberjoel wrote: » There are tickets to turn them permanent Any idea how much those are? I feel like they're expensive. 15-20mil On Mari. The best bet is keep extending them with the cash shop tickets.…
  • Cyberjoel wrote: » There are tickets to turn them permanent Any idea how much those are? I feel like they're expensive.
  • Leinei wrote: » Do you have an anti-virus program? It's possible you need to allow it in that as well. I do not, however I just rebooted my PC and it let the verification pass. Problem solved~ lol
  • xRoflcopter wrote: » Ya know, after a few years of legitimate training of collecting wools for Weaving, this picture pleases me. The