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  • Thanaturgist wrote: » Ahh, thank you so much, I'm glad you like them! This looks fantastic, I love it! Do you have a twitter/instagram/DA I can credit for this? I’m so glad to hear! :’) I also appreciate the offer to credit! I totally don…
  • Thanaturgist wrote: » Glad you managed to get your account back! Maybe consider my character Chance? Yeah! They’re really cool! Hope you like: (size may be a bit big but I am too lazy to resize)
  • Yummei wrote: » Welcome back! Thats awesome that you got your account back,if I was to lose my old account I would be pretty upset >_
  • Sarah_Purrke wrote: » raffles are always so much fun here's my reference if you do end up drawing her and thank you if you do. Sketch done Hope you like it! (she's holding a cat toy bc I can't draw a cat u_u)
  • Lumioni wrote: » I’ll pick 2, it seems available Akoue wrote: » I shall guess the final number 2 then. ^_^ Aaaaaaaaa, sorry you guys! It looks like your posts got caught in the new user filter, so someone else got the prize! ;o; But feel fre…
  • Harukari wrote: » Here's my character's reference. Ty! Here's your chibi! ^^ Hope you like!
  • Thanks everyone for the entries!! The results are: 1. Sketch - @ForteAnother 2. Full Illustration - @Alphaofallwolves 3. Chibi - @Harukari 4. Sketch - @Sarah_Purrke 5. Colored Sketch - @Iku And here's the image from the first post un-b…
  • Imaizumi wrote: » Hihihihi love your art it's cute as always!! 2nd ref is just extra info in case you want it. I prefer her outfit's leaves and atmosphere/expression to be ge…
  • Mujona wrote: » Hello, here's my Mabi character if she interests you: Personality wise, she's a sleepy, distant person who loves cute things. Thank you for your time! Playing around with some new art programs, …
  • Pankooda wrote: » Here's my character if they interest you. If not that's fine. Thank you for your time, have good day! ♥ Hope you like it!
  • Mizuko wrote: » I couldn't see the image. Something is blocking me. Try using Hello! I tried fixing it on my phone by uploading to a different site. Check the original post now please! Let me know if it’s still not coming …
  • Imaizumi wrote: » I'm doing alright yes c: and OMIGOSH It's so elegant.. I love it so much!! Thank so much, it really fits her outfit >
  • agent_ames wrote: » hOLY MOLY!! she looks so cool!! *o* thank you so much for drawing her!! ♥ Glad you like! She was very fun to draw! Imaizumi wrote: » Hihi! I have a selection of outfits for you to choose from if any of them intere…
  • agent_ames wrote: » yay for freebies 8D Me: "I'm not gonna draw anything refined!" Also me:
  • DANIarts wrote: » Hey @Pheo welcome back!!!! Since you'll be playing mabi again lemme add ye Also we should totally do an art trade I've gotten better with digital art if you've kept up with my DA x3 (if not, das fine, I still favourite an…
  • Yummei wrote: » I`m not sure if you are in this discord yet,but Mabinogi has a discord if you are interested in finding new friends. Everyone is pretty helpful and kind if you need any questions answered or tips! Al…
  • Mayselle wrote: » Pheo wrote: » Hello! A new tablet sounds so fun! Here is my character if you're interested have fun with your freebies~ [img][/img] Gave the hair and ornament a try This is lovely!! thank you so much ♥
  • Yummei wrote: » Pheo wrote: » Also @Yummei Hey there! I'll definitely join that discord ^^ I'm sure it'll help! I remember playing Tera Online forrrrever ago too! haha. I don't think I'll go back to Tera, my computer is too potato-ey for that ga…
  • hariku wrote: » Awww! I totally understand you, I also came back after a long while and found myself in the same situation. You know, the Chevaliers guild is really nice, and if you want a friend in Nao I am all up to play with you! Fellow noobs! …
  • Hello! A new tablet sounds so fun! Here is my character if you're interested have fun with your freebies~