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  • "Amelina wrote: » IS MARI EVEN IN A BOOK!? ...Think she's in the G1 book. xD
  • Huh, didn't know people still payed attention to MabiNovel, let alone hate on it xD But here's a list of some things I don't like about MabiNovel... Not particularly working text editor on lines you've submitted. So, you've finished your novel,…
  • Too soon, should've said that next week xD Jokes aside, I've written the last chapter of the "Story Writing." series. I've planned another novel idea, but will probably publish when I get the whole story written out, so that they're up more..cons…
  • ...Oh. I thought you were having troubles sleeping because wings are totally uncomfortable.
  • Hello everyone~ How's everyone's April Fool's Day? I'm sure we all had a good laugh at the "dream" instance once we all logged in~ I've posted "Story Writing, 24." Until next week~ Author Name: Twinearth Server Name: Mari
  • Hello everyone~ Sorry about the technical difficulties last week. I have uploaded "Story Writing, 23." Well, until next week~ Author Name: Twinearth Server Name: Mari List of expired works Story Writing: -removed link please use the origin…
  • Ah, looks like RoyRed is having the same problems that I had while trying to write it, too xD Well, I've written the next chapter, and will post it next weekend, if music comes back by then~ Author Name: Twinearth Server: Mari
  • Hmm, well, hope that works out well, for ya, then xD I just..used the ol' Nexon Launcher, so ._. ..Anyways, I've just finished, "Story Writing, 22." Look forward to next week's chapter~ Author Name: Twinearth Server Name: Mari List of Expi…
  • ...And the story continues! I'm not as organized as @Shaeli, but I think my story'll be done in...2 chapters? Look forward to it~ ...Until then, help yourself to "Story Writing, 21." On a side note, why does Wanst sell drinks usually served in bar…
  • -reads Novels- Hmm, hmm xD Hello everyone~ Sorry about the sudden disappearance--I wasn't able to post my previous forum post, and was swamped with work, haha. ...but anyways, I've released "Story Writing, 20." I guess it didn't end this chapter…
  • Whoa, new person, how exciting~ xD Hope to cya again next week or so~ Also, welcome back, Froglord! Good to cya again~ ..Due to a heavy workload, I have to postpone the next chapter of the "Story Writing." series...look forward to it next week or …
  • Guess it's in celebration of Lunar New Year~ Kidding xD ...In celebration of Lunar New Year though--my next chapter of "Story Writing." will be postponed until next week~ --cya guys there! =P
  • Um...just asking here, but did anyone NOT get the hammers today, as mentioned in the event? I logged into my alt as my first character today, and didn't get a thing... I thought, "Maybe I logged on as someone else today", checking all my other chara…
  • Hello everyone, I've posted another chapter of the Story Writing series, "Story Writing, 19." The series is slowly coming to a close~ Expect the ending in 1-2 chapters! Thanks everyone, for their support x] Author Name: Twinearth Server Name: Mari …
  • So uh..couldn't help but look at the prize list, and saw: Jazz Band Card Extension Coupon (30 Days) Jazz Band Card Extension Revival Coupon (30 Days) What's that? Anyone get one yet? xD
  • Oh hey =o New poster, welcome~ See @Shaeli? It isn't that nobody uses this thread xD -reads books while drinking tea- Ahem. Anyways~ The latest chapter, "Story Writing, 18." has just been posted~ Until next time! Author Name: Twinearth Server Name:…
  • -catches up on MabiNovels- There you go Shae and Roy, +1 count xD Well, I have just released "Story Writing, 17." Until next time~ Author name: Twinearth Server: Mari Expired works
  • Happy New Year, everyone! Well, the next chapter of my series, "Story Writing.", titled, "Story Writing, 16." has been released~ Server Name: Mari Author Name: Twinearth List of expired works ...I feel your pain, Shaeli--I don't particularly have…
  • Dangan Ronpa. Think of the outfits~ ...Now do an event using the Mafia mini-game, please? xD