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  • Unfortunately Rage Impact can't be used with Chain Blade equipped so that would probably be the only reason for an elf to have a melee weapon... Rage Impact > Chain Sweep does some nice dmg.
  • Soo uhh.... Did any of you Magic Crafters notice this...? There's 3 new craftable items at Dan 1. I got too lazy to keep going with Magic Craft for now so I dunno about Dan 2/3, but uhh... Yeeeaa... Edit: Oh pshh, I'm late. They're …
  • Well, besides the fact that that was the Dan 1 test, which, I'm pretty sure has weaker mobs than the Dan 3 test... it looks alright to me... The Dan 3 test has Sahagin Warriors and Fighters, which have higher Defense, Prot, and HP vs the Archers in…
  • Got Dan 3 Crisis on my main and it's quite nice. Will probably do Rising Action next just to finish up Puppets
  • Ellisya wrote: » Have to tried using crossbow instead of bow? Yep, I've been using the crossbow most of the runs but still only managed 9k at most. At this point I've given on Dan 3 Magnum until I get Dan 2-3 Crash Shot and Ranged Attack. The…
  • Any pro Archers out there got that Dan 3 Magnum yet...? Cause I feel like it's near impossible to do. I just barely managed the 9k points needed to hit Dan 2, but now goin for Dan 3, we needa get 12k points for SS rank and that just seems nearly i…