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  • I want to be able to match the DIY dyes up with the Glittering Dye bottle flashies but I can't. I've tried to make certain flashies and they don't sync. I make them the exact same way every time and yet they don't match up. I sent in a ticket about …
  • CATEGORY: Fairytale IGN: CICILIA LOCATION: I took this picture in the forest section of my homestead! ITEMS WORN: Yellow Luna Fairy Halo, Cat Helm, Floral Fairy Outfit (F), Royal Princess Gauntlets, Avelin's Greaves, Golden Cog Blade Wings, Che…
  • I ended up finding someone who could look at it. They tried everything and di a lot of research and eventually saw a lot of things saying that Nexon's Launcher has a bug right now? And they told me that it was available on Steam. So I tried that ver…
  • I did, now it's showing me this: 2036_zpsiv9k1cwt.png.html
  • I clicked the first one which took me here: And then I clicked the first download option because there wasn't a big difference betwee…
  • So, it said this: Recommended: GeForce 9600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870 You Have: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 Features: Recommended attributes of your Video Card Required You Have : Pixel Shader version 4.0 5.0 vertex shader version 4.0 5.…
  • Thank you for responding, I should've mentioned that but I forgot. I was trying to figure out what graphics card I had before posting this and I didn't see either of the typed on mobinogi. It just says, "Manufacturer: Intel Corporation" and "Chip Ty…