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  • Hemilia wrote: » I know what coil whine sounds like, because I hear it from my GPU when playing Black Desert Online on max settings. This isn't coil whine. And this noise wasn't there before, because I would have noticed. Also, as I said before, i…
  • That 'noise' is coil whine, and only presents itself when your GPU is under load, some cards have it some cards don't. FPS capping can sometimes help, but more often then not it can't just something you'll have to live with. Sometimes but rarely it …
  • This is what happens when people believe what comes out of Nexon's mouth. Of course they're gonna word it every which way till sunday, to get you to come on and waste your gold, and your time. That's called MARKETING, albeit slightly deceptive marke…
  • Yes it would be enough, as those APUs are slated to have Vega based iGPUs in them, if you'd rather go for Intel then any of the i5/7 Kaby Lake G series would do, since those also are going to have Vega based iGPUs if you'd rather go with a laptop ov…
  • Gaea wrote: » Wow that chunk. Um... Yes there was one over sees in china. It didn't go very well and it took considerable amount of time to recover and fix everything. Least that's what I heard. Regardless of the risks, we still very much wan…
  • terrybess wrote: » any game files can be hacked into having a virus by a hacker. it is possible without nexon doing it themselves If you knew anything about BitDefender, "Gen:Variant.Symmi.82863" the "Gen" part of that stands for General/Generi…
  • SuperKimxD wrote: »