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  • I know it's free Stuff and all~

    This is what happens when people believe what comes out of Nexon's mouth. Of course they're gonna word it every which way till sunday, to get you to come on and waste your gold, and your time. That's called MARKETING, albeit slightly deceptive marketing, but still marketing none the less, it brought you in the game, it made you do what they wanted you to do. Now we're supposed to feel sorry for your naive actions? Nope sorry, empathy not found bro, that's what you get for trusting Nexon.

  • upcoming new AMD desktop APUs

    Yes it would be enough, as those APUs are slated to have Vega based iGPUs in them, if you'd rather go for Intel then any of the i5/7 Kaby Lake G series would do, since those also are going to have Vega based iGPUs if you'd rather go with a laptop over a desktop.
  • Server Merge Alternative?

    Gaea wrote: »

    Wow that chunk. Um...

    Yes there was one over sees in china. It didn't go very well and it took considerable amount of time to recover and fix everything. Least that's what I heard. Regardless of the risks, we still very much want it though. The players and the team would have to take every precaution and learn from China's execution.

    I've been in a game where the "Community" demanded a server merge, even the developers thought it'd be a great idea. You know what followed? 6 months worth of glitches, 6 months of wading through account recovery for a good majority of players, 6 months of 2~4GB patches to correct issues that came up client side, and for the initial time, a full TWO MONTHS of not being able to play at all, because the servers no longer wanted to start. There is no waving a magic wand and everything going as planned, there is no taking precaution. Your asking for a developer who, initially intended for their game to operate in a branched server environment to now bring it all back into a single server environment, what your asking for is a monumental task, that if done could take months if not years, to fully fix and iron out any hiccups that could come along the way. Now do you really think the Mabi community as a whole, could survive months worth of complete downtime? With so many new games on the horizon, it would kill off what population is left except for the most hardcore of players. Mabinogi thrives off it's NX whales, if they're not playing that means that means they're not paying, if Nexon can't retain those players in another one of their games, the downtime following the merge could mean life or death for Mabi.

    I've been in games where community might be strong, but profits are low(Paragon), and the developers/publishers think it's in their best interest to shutter the doors and sell off the servers for the game. I think you need to come to grips on what you're demanding, since it's a double edged sword.
    Jazmyn[Deleted User]Greta
  • Bitdefender thinks the mabi patch is a virus

    terrybess wrote: »
    any game files can be hacked into having a virus by a hacker. it is possible without nexon doing it themselves

    If you knew anything about BitDefender, "Gen:Variant.Symmi.82863" the "Gen" part of that stands for General/Generic, Symmi is internally used by the BD Team for encryption methods that are proprietary to a specific company, in this case, Nexon/Oreans Technology (peeps that developed the Themida encryption algorithm), the 82863 is their generic lookup string for that particular variant within the General/Generic internal listings. It's nothing to worry about on the end user side, though Nexon should give BitDefender a heads up that it's a false positive.
    [Deleted User]
  • [FIXED] Summon Lag

    SuperKimxD wrote: »
    Here are three more examples of this occurring that I've managed to capture. Two of these examples are the same occurrence captured from the perspective of two different people.
    Both of these occurrences were around 3-4PM HST, or 7-8PM Pacific. Toon suggested that summon lag seems to happen more during "prime times," so perhaps this is a good window to look for it in.

    You just said the prime keywords "Prime Time", of course any and all internet dependent things are gonna have issues, slowdowns, lag, etc during prime time. A huge difference between the US internet infrastructure compared to that of say Japan and South Korea, South Korea mostly uses wireless technologies, as well as fibre optic land networks, Japan is the same way. What do we have in the US? We've got twisted pair copper, are we slowly in select areas transferring over to fibre optics? Yeah, but it's on a very tiny scale, but the vast majority of the infrastructure here in the US is twisted pair copper, and lets face it, copper can't pass nearly as much information as quickly as optic networks can. Got fibre at home? Good for you, to bad that fibre only goes 100ft from your home, after that, back on to good old twisted copper.

    Only time I've honestly ever experienced pet summon lag, is doing stupid things like trying to do runs on market channels. Yup doing a raid, or dungeon, or SM on a market channel, where everyone is loading that particular channel, sounds like a stellar idea, not! Aside from the game's own peculiarity with pets to begin with, you're doing yourself no favors trying to do summon time dependant things by playing on these channels. Just because your pets spawn instant on Ch7, doesn't mean it'll spawn instant on the market channel, more players on a channel means lower on the totem pole your request to summon X pet on XXX list of pets you may own.
    [Deleted User]