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March 8, 1991
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Don't bring 1st world problems to 3rd world countries... you just won't like the results...
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Fun, Artistic, young lady that loves to make mml songs!
  • [UPDATED]Server Merge Celebration Events

    Negumiko wrote: »

    they give us 16 days to do a 15 day log in event. it started on June 4th being the first day (they should have listed it actually starting on June 4th instead of June 3rd though) and refreshes at midnight ending on June 19th at 11:59pm. since this event refreshes at midnight players might have a chance to get a extra day in on June 20th before the maintenance starts. so we actually have 16 to 17 days in total. this seems like more then enough time, it takes less then 5 minutes to log in and you can afk the entire time. we all have busy lives but almost anybody with a phone can stay updated on mabi news. stop making excuses as to why you failed a event, it is not that hard for even a busy player to do this event. I have never understood why players use work or school as a way to justify how unfair a event is acting like your situation is special or something just cause you work hard like everybody else, a lot of players have busy lives so if you can't handle the tight schedule just skip the event instead of crying about how unfair it is.

    Oooo someone is getting salty over this one's opinion.

    Spareoh wrote: »

    I automatically missed the first too days due to the server merge difficulties and realized that even if I can manage to log on every single day for the rest of the time, I wouldn't be able to complete it. It makes the game feel less fun and more like a chore. And when somethings feels like an absolute obligation, I personally lose interest. That's just my personal hang up though and I see it more as a personal loss for myself, than an issue with a game.

    Don't get me wrong i don't see it as an issue with the game, just a little to unfair in my personal option. I was surprised to see that the event started on a Monday before the weekly maintenance. It would have been nice to have a bit more of a warning instead of Surprise!!! Event time!! Especially since events usually start the day of the weekly maintenance. The outfits was really the only thing i wanted so guess i'm not going bother logging in till the end of the event and just buy it off someone else. I don't think i would have been so upset if they had at least made it 2 days longer to make it fair for people that didn't see the event till later due to busy lives or for those that might have issues with either the merge or the weekly maintenance. I had already missed an event due to being unable to log in for 5 days due to issues with the game after weekly maintenance so i know the feels.
  • Server MARGE Meme Submission


    IGN- Zakee
    Sever - Mari
  • What crossover would you like to see?

    I voted berserk because despite the impossibility of my elf getting to wield his huge sword, I adore that series and could see where it could fit (if not for the violent/nsfw nature). For a brighter tone I'd be happy with a RWBY crossover (shoutout to scythes maybe being relevant) or a Tera crossover (let's see some cool weaponry, plus they have already done Maplestory).
    Ah yes the berserk's rage armor and the dragon slayer would fit rather nicely in Mabinogi. How to use the rage armor's rage attack. Have a bar that grows everytime you use rage and when it's full, the armor changes into the rage form for 30mins. Now that would be cool. Too bad there is too much gore and nudity which makes it an impossible candidate to choose.